Saturday, December 13, 2003

I think the St. Blog's award for Best Comment of the Year in the category of humor goes to Victor Lams commenting on E-Pression. Read Zorak's post, and then Victor's comment.

Friday, December 12, 2003

The December 2003 issue of The Catholic World Report contains a sampling of quotes on the health of Pope John Paul II that include:

"Once again the Pope's health is a matter of interest and concern, and that, in turn, raises the issue of papal succession. The Holy Father has fallen twice in recent months, breaking first his arm and then his hip." -Rev. Richard McBrien (National Catholic Reporter)

"With the obvious signs of the Pope's failing health, there is much speculation about what the issues will be in the minds of the cardinals when they go into a conclave to elect the next pontiff." -Rev. Andrew Greeley (National Catholic Reporter)

"...(T)he new building...could well be used for the next conclave. The building will be ready in 1996. Is this a clue?" -(the late) Peter Hebblethwaite (National Catholic Reporter)

"I have just been through the greatest period of agony-and of growth-in my life....I am not the same man. And so this is the person who will go into the conclave." -the late) Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (New York Times Magazine)

Interestingly, all the above quotes are from 1994.
Nice story about a guy who is from my parish

"Johnny, 19, also wanted “them rosaries.” Johnny said he was a member of the Latin Kings gang, dealt drugs and had been on probation for robbery and assault. His surrogate parents, an aunt and uncle (a drug dealer) turned him out of the house.
At the prayer group, Johnny said he finally found “people who really care and they are not even related to me.” His life, like Will’s, has changed. He plans to be baptized on December 8"

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

No wonder this guy has thousands of readers:

Mark Shea on professional environmentalists: "I apologize to the Earth for needing to exhale and keep warm. Can we move on now?"
Fr. Benedict Groeschel will be speaking and offering Mass at Kellenberg High School on Sunday December 14th, from 1-5 pm. All are welcome!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

A Jesuit's Jesuit

"So in this time when reports of Jesuits dying of AIDS and rampant homosexuality in the ranks, the term "a Jesuit's Jesuit" has taken a whole new meaning. But in the original meaning of the term, Joseph Fessio is indeed a Jesuit's Jesuit and a real priest. We have not heard the last of him."

The Diocese of Rockville Centre (from website 12/7/03)

*1.5 million Catholics
*19 seminarians

The Diocese of Lincoln (from website 12/7/03)

*89,412 Catholics
*34 seminarians