Saturday, July 26, 2003

The Voice of the Faithful, a group of rather ignorant sounding older people, have a local Long Island chapter. This group claims to be upset with the years of child molesting and cover-ups that went on in this diocese. Most of this went on under then Bishop McGann, a very liberal bishop who cracked down as hard as he could on orthodox priests, but allowed dissenting, perverted priests to do as they pleased. He would invite a priest every year to speak to all the priests of the diocese at their annual retreat. One year he invited Richard McBrien, a “priest” who does not believe in the Church’s teachings. Now, since the vast majority of the child molestation went on under McGann, you would think that the VOF would want to move as far from McGann’s tactics as possible right? Wrong. They have invited, yes McBrien, to come speak to the group. I emailed both the co-leaders of the VOF to find out why they would want to follow the lead of the Bishop responsible for such outrages. I did not get a response at all. I guess VOF does not believe in changing the way this diocese was run for over 20 years, nor do they believe in discussing their choices. I wonder what this group does believe in?
The Catholic Educator's Resource Center carries a short interview with new Catholic Robert Bork. Think St. Blog's will see a Bork's Blog?

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Bishop Murphy, head of Rockville Centre Diocese, explains his role in Boston

I wanted to post this statement by Bishop Murphy but could not find it until now. This was published in the Long Island Catholic on July 2nd and it gives me more reason to like our Bishop. He has been attempting to clean up the mess left behind by Bishop McGann, who favored the heterodox. Bishop Murphy's progress has been slowed by the mistrust of Long Islanders. Many in the diocese, particularly those from McGann's time, do not like the fact that our new Bishop did not come from inside the diocese. I find this attitude uncatholic. I don't care if the Bishop is from China or Nigeria (I would love that) as long as he is orthodox. Many here have been ill-formed in their faith and it will take years to create a "Steubenville-Rockford-EWTN" type of diocese.

Along the same lines, I see there is another Long Islander at St. Blogs! Dan, one of the Notre Dame students at the Shrine of the Holy Whapping, posted on Bishop Murphy. The site even links Chaminade High so perhaps he may be a fellow grad.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Those who come here might have noticed a lack of posting lately. There are many factors contributing to this, the situation in the mideast, an unstable economy, the changing technological ......ok alright, the truth is: I have been really really lazy lately. It is simply too much to use aol and a dialup to surf the net or do anything. I am like an old yugo with a flat tire on the information superhighway. This Saturday all this will change as I will have a cable modem installed and will be able to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online. This will make the blogging easier and so I see much posting ahead. In the meantime, go visit some of the fine Catholic blogs for all your Churchy gossip, rants, and fun stuff.
My comments seem to have disappeared! I can't get to the Klink Family website that operates the comment system either. Has anyone seen my comments?

Update: trying haloscan

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I belong to St. Raphael's Catholic Singles Online site. Both this site and Ave Maria Singles, do a good job getting single Catholics together. Both sites are sponsoring a Caribbean Cruise, and I have decided to go on the St. Raphael one. I have never been on a cruise and this will be my first serious vacation in years so I am pumped. The cruise is in October and is being coordinated by Catholic Adventures which is right here on Long Island. Any Catholic singles out there check out the cruise site and let me know if you are going to join me!