Saturday, May 26, 2007

Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco have been seen together again.

I once wrote that Fisher had gotten her life together and seemed to be trying to be a decent person. Obviously, I was wrong. Buttafuoco, the convicted child rapist, was always a horrible person. They deserve each other: two desparate, pathetic, white-trash losers without a moral compass. I hope they have a very short life together.

Monday, May 21, 2007

As you can see from the right side bar, I have put Catholic book collection online at I had created a Microsoft Access database to keep track of my growing collection and it served me well. But, LibraryThing was easier to create, I only needed to put in the isbn number.

Here is the link to my collection. Soon, all books will have covers pictured. When I was beginning my return to my faith, Ignatius Press was a great guide, and 72 out of the 281 books are from their catalog.

I am also pleased to have 26 autographed books so far.