Friday, May 13, 2005

Sex Assault On Mepham Student

Sound familiar? This is the school made famous when young men were raped and tortured by football players Ken Carney, Tom Diasparra, and Phil Sofia. There were others who stood around and cheered but they were not prosecuted. The media hype intensified until the students and town turned on their football heros (it took awhile) but we haven't heard much since.

Sainthood Process for Pope John Paul II Opened

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"For Thomas Suozzi, being Catholic is an important part of who he is. So is being a politician. Tuesday, he sought to find a way to be both on abortion and was solidly endorsed by his bishop."
From Newsday: Reactions to Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi's abortion proposal


"In a rare show of support from a high-ranking church official for a Catholic politician who backs abortion rights, Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre Tuesday lauded Suozzi's "courageous and positive" step."

"Johanna Cervellino, education chairman of the Long Island Coalition for Life, a nonsectarian group based in Ronkonkoma, called the plan "very positive. Many women don't know the alternatives."


"It sounds like something an anti-choice public official would say," said Kelli Conlin, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice New York. After reviewing the text, she said Suozzi had "almost apologetically buried" his position on abortion rights."

Newsday has stated in each article that Suozzi supports abortion rights, but he has mostly expressed his opinion that abortion is legal and will continue to be that way. The pro-life movement, through marches, pickets, education, technology, and real assistance to women in need, has succeeded enough to effect change in the political climate. The rise of pro-life clinics, homes for pregnant women, and safe-haven laws have all made inroads in the fight against abortion. Pro-lifers should be politically smart enough to show support for anyone or anything that will continue this trend.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Suozzi enters abortion debate

"Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi this morning said he wanted to bring together "intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate and religious people" on both sides of the abortion debate by spending $1 million a year for three years on homes for single mothers, programs to encourage adoption, and education to prevent unplanned pregnancies."

Text of Suozzi's Speech

Suozzi mentions Patricia Shea and Momma's House and how he helped this pro-life group, as mentioned on this blog. Suozzi is clearly in a difficult position as a Democrat who must tow the party line on abortion. His stance on pushing abortion alternatives does predate the current Hillary Clinton-led push to the middle that Democrats have adopted since the election.

Statement from Bishop Murphy on Suozzi’s plan to reduce abortions

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Great Mother's Day post at E-Pression by new mother, Zorak.