Saturday, January 10, 2009

5 Somali pirates drown with ransom money

"MOGADISHU, Somalia - Five of the Somali pirates who released a hijacked oil-laden Saudi supertanker drowned with their share of a reported $3 million ransom after their small boat capsized, a pirate and port town resident said Saturday."

There has to be a lesson in there somewhere......

Friday, January 09, 2009

Cops: Waiter fired for playing Arabic tape at Jewish wedding

"A waiter at a Jewish wedding who is considering converting to Islam interrupted the celebration's final prayers with recorded Arabic chants of "God is great," sparking fear among the 700 guests of a terrorist attack, Nassau County police said Friday.

Stephen Buttafuoco, who police say was fired "on the spot" from the catering service at the Woodbury Jewish Center, had attended a pro-Palestinian rally in Manhattan opposing the Israeli campaign last weekend, where he made the recording on his cell phone."

The wedding guests early Jan. 4 couldn't at first decipher the angry-sounding chants blaring over the public address system shortly after 1 a.m. But when they heard "Allahu akbar" -- Arabic for "God is great" -- the guests became worried.

Of course, after doing something stupid like this, the man had to set the record straight:

"Police said Buttafuoco told detectives that he is not related to Joey Buttafuoco, the man involved in a notorious love triangle in the 1990s with Amy Fisher."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fr. Richard Neuhaus, R. I. P

Prayers go out for the former Lutheran pastor, Catholic convert, founder of First Things and the Institute On Religion And Public Life, conservative intellectual, author and Catholic priest who essentially was considered by many to be the godfather of Catholic blogging via his column "The Public Square".

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Drunk Driving

Tonight 60 Minutes ran their story on Nassau D.A. Kathleen Rice's campaign for harsher sentences for drunk drivers who kill people. The story revolved around the horrible wedding day crash that killed a limo driver (Stanley Rabinowitz) and an 7 year old flower girl (Katie Flynn). The drunk driver, Martin Heidgen received 18 years to life. During the broadcast, a detail was mentioned by Katie Flynn's father that I forgot about: Flynn's father, who was also severly injured in the accident, received last rites by Msgr. Costello, a priest who later would be killed by a drunk driver.