Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Baby Who's Not Supposed to Be Alive

Great story about the youngest premature baby to survive, at 21 weeks and six days old. The doctor who delivered the baby is quoted in this Newsweek article:

"Sometimes you just can't explain these things," Lievano said. "Science only takes us so far. There are a lot of us who think God helped us out here, that this is a miracle. Somehow we were allowed to do something that was bigger than all of us."
Biking militants die when bomb explodes prematurely

"Three Islamic militants died in eastern Pakistan when a powerful bomb they were transporting by bicycle accidentally exploded Saturday near a bustling cattle market, police said."

Enough with Anna Nicole Smith already. She was a self-important, greedy, stupid, uneducated, white trash, gold-digging, drug-taking, boob-enhancing, shallow, egotistical, failed actress, failed model, silly, superficial jackass.

And Howard K. Stern is even worse.
AP IMPACT: Records show tremendous growth in teacher sex cases

"An internal state Education Department report obtained by The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Law shows "tremendous growth" in so-called moral conduct cases against teachers over five years. "

--Printed in Newsday

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I would think the number of such cases against Catholic priests has greatly decreased over the past 5 years. It seems to me most (but not all) Catholic priest-perverts have been fired and Catholics have made great strides in fighting perverts in their Church. Yet lawsuits that accuse dead priests of abuse 50 years ago are allowed to go to court? Shouldn't people then be able to sue school districts accusing dead teachers from 50 years ago? Or would that be stupid and unfair?

And along the same lines, shouldn't Newsday and The New York Times be running stories of teacher abuse over the past 50 years every day on the front page for a year?

Anyway, here is a link to the Abuse Scandal 5 Years Later Update at NPR (National Public Radio, not National Catholic Register or National Catholic Reporter) One major glaring omission from this 5 year update is in the Where Are They Now story - there is no mention of Paul R. Shanley, a major figure in the scandals in Boston.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Monday, February 26th, 7-9 PM

Guest Speaker - Dawn Eden, author of The Thrill of The Chaste

Faith on Tap is held upstairs at The Wantagh Inn, located right next to Mulcahy's, across from the Wantagh Railroad Station. The talk will start around 7:30 PM.
Long Island crime news

There were four men who robbed the family home of a young father named Dane Aulak in Medford. Dane Aulak's brother managed to get a gun from one of the robbers and shot two of them. Both of them died. One of the robbers shot Dane Aulak to death.

According to police, Dane Aulak was a drug dealer and one of the men who broke into his home was a customer of his. This man is Eric Calace, the grandson of wealthy Long Island developer Arthur Calace.

So, a drug dealer is dead. Two armed robbers are dead. Two men are going to be charged with burglary and second-degree murder. A young child has no father.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vincent Cioci, RIP

My mother knew him when he ran the Neighborhood Network in Massapequa and said he was the nicest guy. Vincent was a traditional Catholic who helped expose the corruption of the Society of St. John in Shohola, Pennsylvania. He moved upstate but was still involved in his Fuel Consumers Group, which helped keep the cost of home heating oil down for Long Islanders. It is a shame that he died so young.