Saturday, June 18, 2005

Monday, June 13, 2005

Newsday published a list of the biggest employers on Long Island today -

  • Catholic Health Services was # 4 with 14,000 employees (Catholic hospitals, hospices, home health care, etc..)

  • The Diocese of Rockville Centre was # 12 with 5,000 (not including clergy or Catholic Health Services

This shows how the Church needs to make sure it treats its employees with dignity as the culture within these two entities could really influence the entire culture of Long Island. Taking the social principles found within Catholicism and applying them well to this area could really make a difference. Combined, these two separate entities would be the 3rd largest employer on Long Island, behind the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System and the NY state government. This does not even include the various independent Catholic organizations such as schools run by religious orders or individual Catholic entities. If the Church practices what it preaches (and I am not necessarily saying it doesn't) then the influence it has on the employer culture can be great.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Whoever found Gen X Revert while searching for Catholic retreat houses on Long Island, please check out:

Lay Preachers run retreat programs for adults at the Emmanuel Retreat House at Kellenberg High School. It is lead by retired NYC police officers and I would recommend them if you want orthodox Catholic retreats and nights of recollection.
I have been tagged for the book meme thingy by Quintero at L.A. Catholic and since he suffers greatly in that Diocese, I would not want to disappoint:

  1. The total number of books I own: approx. 350. I have some history but mainly Churchy stuff, the majority acquired since my "reversion". Ignatius Press dominates, although my vast Peanuts collection would come in a strong second. I am very proud that 18 of the books are signed by the authors.

  2. The last book I bought: I bought 3 books from a local store - The Cube and The Cathedral by George Weigel, Saint Josemaria Escriva by Michele Dolz, and Flannery O'Connor by Regis Martin. Just before that I ordered 4 from Amazon that took weeks to arrive- God Rides A Yamaha by Kathy Shaidle, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization, The Church and The Market, and The Church Confronts Modernity all by Thomas Woods.

  3. The Last Book I read: Kiss Me Like A Stranger by Gene Wilder. I read this at the library on a day off, not sure what to make of it - Wilder comes across as a bit strange, but typically artistic. Gilda Radner comes across as extremely needy and sad. I will have to get cracking on some of the newer books.

  4. Five Books That Mean Alot to Me: Peanuts Classics by Charles M. Schultz (1970), Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, Raise the Titanic by Clive Cussler, Witness To Hope by George Weigel, and The Seven Story Mountain by Thomas Merton

  5. Tag 5 People: I hate to impose, but if Aristotle the Recovering Choir Director, Joanne at Daily Stitches, Sean at Republican of Irish Descent, Amy at The Roundtable, and M2 at martha, martha... have any interest please go right ahead.

EWTN 's World Over Live on June 17th lists Prof. Thomas Woods on The Church's Impact on Western society. Is this the traditional Catholic Long Islander who co-wrote The Great Facade and other books on the Church? If so, I am surprised, but pleased to see him appear on EWTN. I suppose this is because he will speak on the contribution of the Church to the world throughout history, a subject all Catholics, neo or not, can agree on and appreciate. :)
Towering figure of John Paul II

"The statue, weighing nearly 1,800 pounds, was cast in Krakow and flown to New York last week aboard a German commercial airliner. An honor guard of 20 men, all members of St. Frances de Chantal, escorted it from Kennedy Airport to the church.

"People are surprised when they see it," said Kurowski. "It is so big."

One reason for the surprise is that most people who pass it are ultra-Orthodox Jews, who are by far the largest religious group in the neighborhood. "But they know who Pope John Paul was, and so they pause to look, too," Kurowski said."
Thousands attend anti-Arroyo protest

I had no idea Raymond Arroyo was so unpopular.
The Diocese of Rockville Centre has hired a new law firm after 35 years. Sounds like a wise and necessary move.
I went to Mass at St. James in Seaford today. The pastor was assisted by a newly ordained Deacon (a convert). The lone altar server wore a black cassock, white surplice, and white gloves while carrying the processional cross. The choir sounded wonderful and the preaching was good. The only constructive criticism I would have for this parish, and I say this with all Christian love for my brothers and sisters, is to please SHUT UP before Mass. The 10 minutes before Mass was absolutely the loudest I have ever heard at a regular Sunday Mass. Do any of you ever have an unexpressed thought? Can any of you not talk for just 10 minutes? Ever heard of prayer? Do I really need to hear about the wedding you attended yesterday or the plans for the afternoon? I think the "hospitality ministers", who in my father's day were called ushers, were the worst offenders. Perhaps it was the acoustics in this modern Church but people need to learn to be quiet or whisper or something.