Saturday, March 10, 2007

In the Light of the Law blog points out a very serious error in one of the God's Squad's answers. Since this involves a strictly Catholic issue of Holy Communion, all the blame goes to Msgr. Thomas Hartman. A "Eucharistic Minister" (sic) claimed an Alzheimers patient couldn't be given communion because communion "depends on a cognitive understanding of what is being received."

Msgr. Hartman agrees with this "Eucharistic Minister" and Ed Peters points out just how wrong Hartman is, from a canon law standpoint. Holy Communion does not depend on an understanding of what is being received, and it is sad that Msgr. Hartman's column for years has given people incorrect answers. (This column was not yet printed in Newsday, where the God Squad column appears locally.)

Friday, March 09, 2007

If you missed Dawn Eden at Faith on Tap last month, you can see her at the Faith and Reason Bookstore in my hometown - Massapequa! Directions are here.

Dawn will give a talk and sign books from 1-2 PM.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rudy says it's a family affair

Rudy Giuliani has been married three times, and very publicly cheated on his wife. He apparently has strained relationships with his son and daughter. People outside of New York do not realize how strained his support was just before 9/11, despite his success as mayor. Like most Long Islanders I respected what he did to make the city a better place, but was anxious to see him go towards the end because he just seem to implode into this horrible jerk. He then redeemed himself with his heroic leadership on and after 9/11.

While I have always applauded his fight against the mafia, his attacks on crime in NYC, his stance against anti-Catholic bigotry, and his actions on and after September 11th, I cannot see supporting his run for President. He is 100% pro-choice, and lead a very questionable life. Catholics should be careful not to equate conservative or republican politics with the faith. Although the right wing has been much more hospitable to Christian people and values than the left, it still worships the same god as the left: power.