Thursday, April 17, 2003

I will be going to Mass tonight and all the services for the Easter Triduum. No more blogging until Easter.
Brother John Raymond, of the Monks of Adoration, wrote an article on blogging in the National Catholic Register (article is not online-subscribe to this great paper). Mentioned were Mark Shea, Eve Tushnet, Barbara Nicolosi, Envoy, and the Catholic Blog Reviewer's site.
Viva La Revolution!!

A priest who taught at our seminary recently gave a talk at my parish. He did not dress like a priest, nor did he give any indication that he was in agreement with the Church's teachings on anything. His talk was on Human Sexuality and it was terrible. There was not a single mention of the Pope's theology of the body, nor much positive talk on anything. He told people that the Church's teachings on birth control, homosexuality, etc... would someday change. Overall, the talk was so boring I was having trouble staying awake. It reminded me of the Monty Python skit with John Cleese teaching young students about sex and they were falling asleep, doodling, daydreaming. etc.. In today's diocesan newspaper, I saw this priest has been "assigned" to be a pastor in a parish, which I am assuming means he will no longer be teaching at the seminary. He will do far less damage at a parish than the place where future priests and Church leaders are formed. He is an example of the type of dissenter that does not belong in any seminary. Our seminary and diocese is continuing the process of cleaning up the mess that Bishop McGann left.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Bill O’Reilly and The Factor

Mr. O’Reilly is a fellow Chaminade grad so I must mention him. His show was one of the first discoveries I made when I bought my satellite dish. It is entertaining and sometimes covers things that are pretty much ignored by the rest of the press. Sometimes he can get carried away and a bit too eager to fight, but he has earned respect for his passion and intelligence. Overall, I think Chris Matthews does a better job on Hardball, with interviewing in a straightforward, aggressive way. As with any successful grad, we are all proud of Mr. O’Reilly, and he has been good to his school. Lately he has said some stupid things about the Pope, betraying a kind of ignorance of how the Church works as well as how so few in this Church listened to the Pope during his first 20 years. But nobody is perfect. O’Reilly has always flirted with the idea of politics but I hope he stays on television, if only because stories I have seen covered extensively on his show, get no mention elsewhere.