Friday, June 01, 2007

Newsday started a series on the 50th Anniversary of the Diocese of Rockville Centre today, with an article on the Fagan family. I don't have the time to read through the series now but I will report on the good and bad of it in time. I already see a couple of absolute falsehoods in the small part I have read, but am sure the series will be good.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I have seen this on several blogs, so I can't remember where I saw it first:

The Storm Theatre in NYC is hosting a Karol Wojtyla Theatre Festival. They will be staging Jeremiah, Our God's Brother, and The Jeweler's Shop.
5 Long Islanders were arrested in Disney World

They were reportedly drunk, abusive, and violent. If you scroll through the comments on the Newsday story (page 3) you can see someone thoughtfully posted the myspace pages of 3 of them. On one of the girl's page she lists:

Religion: Catholic

Education: High School

No surprises there. Unfortunately.