Friday, June 18, 2004

I am going to post this because I can't help comment on it, although it might come across as tacky or cold. Jimmy Breslin, the anti-Catholic writer for Newsday, had a daughter who tragically died this week at the age of 47. The obit said "she graduated from ... Hamilton College in upstate Clinton, where she received her degree in Asian studies." Ironically, Jimmy Breslin once was suspended for making anti-Asian slurs against a fellow writer. I would imagine that Breslin's bigotry did not rub off on his daughter, may she rest in peace.

"Two teenage thrill killers savagely beat a homeless man to death outside a Brooklyn church yesterday - hurling bricks at him as he lay helpless by a statue of the Virgin Mary, cops said."

Newsday under investigation after reporting inflated circulation numbers

"The Nassau County District Attorney's Office is investigating Newsday after the company admittedly reported inflated circulation numbers.
Newsday officials say an internal audit showed its weekday daily circulation was approximately 40,000 less than previously stated, and its weekend circulation was approximately 60,000 less than reported."

Not only is Newsday a bunch of anti-Catholic bigots, they are also criminals.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Madonna at midlife

You knew it had to happen sometime: Madonna's new album is not selling that well and her tour is not sold out.