Saturday, December 09, 2006

I just got back from NYC, from a trip to the Whitney Museum of Art where we saw exhibits on Edward Hopper and Picasso. Hopper seemed to be unhappy and Picasso was just damn weird. I took a pamphet on the big exhibit of Kiki Smith but we did not go to that exhibit due to time constraints. After we had left the museum I read the booklet on Smith and found many references to Catholicism, so I figured I would have to go back another time. After reading Maureen Mullarkey's review of this exhibit however, maybe we didn't miss much. Overall, a very nice trip, topped off with some great pasta at Simply Pasta.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Diocese of Rockville Centre by the numbers:

"The diocese serves approximately 1.4 million Catholics (total population in both counties is approximately 3.3 million). There are 134 parishes in 115 towns. Last year over 20,000 baptisms, 18,000 confirmations, 20,000 first communions and 5,000 marriages took place in the diocese. There are 2,137 students in Catholic kindergarten, 23,825 in primary or elementary school, 12,628 in secondary school and 3,300 in higher institutions. There are 76 Catholic elementary and high schools and one Catholic college in the diocese. "

---From the DRVC website

This is the standard blurb put under all the press releases but I had never noticed that it states one Catholic college. Since there is Molloy and St. Joseph's I wonder which one is not considered Catholic?
People are getting sick after eating at Taco Bell? Is this really new?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Letitia post an excellent essay on the new pastor of St. Matthew's in Dix Hills, Fr. John McCartney. I know that I was at the Mass at St. James in Seaford when the pastor announced that Fr. McCartney would be leaving to become pastor of St. Matthew's and a few people were heard sighing.