Saturday, August 23, 2003

Traditional Catholic Reflections & Reports is back!!!

This is a great site that was not regularly updated for awhile but is now back to keeping Catholics informed. I should have posted this earlier since this was one of the great websites I found when I needed to learn about Catholicism.
I can't believe I am doing this....I, a Mets fan, will be going to that awful Yankee Stadium to watch a game. I was given tickets and figure I can always enjoy the food and read a paper. Go Baltimore!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


22) Not for Sheep – Katherine

Self-Description: "The Lost Soul's Gas Station and Other Stories"

Features: Personal stories, musings

Quick Summary: Journal of a convert, law school student, and philosophy major, thoughtful posts

23) Blog: Between Heaven and Hell - Kevin Ho, Esq.

Self-Description: “Reports and observations from a Catholic attorney's perspective. Note: The opinions and truths expressed here are entirely mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.”

Features: posts from a lawyer concentrating on legal matters

Quick Summary: Another unique perspective for St. Blog’s, good posts

24) Blog: Dappled Things - Father Jim Tucker

Self-Description: “all things counter, original, spare, strange.”

Features: good sermons, interesting explanations of things Catholic

Quick Summary: Nice site where I have learned much of my culture and tradition

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

There you go again!

-Ronald Reagan

Oh those Voice of the Faithful members, they try so hard to sound “middle of the road”. Check out this quote from a speaker (Dr. Paul Lakeland) at a VOTF meeting on Long Island:

Finally, there are three practical steps we need to work for. The first is for a free and responsible Catholic press. Of course there are the independent national Catholic journals like the National Catholic Reporter, Commonweal and America. And there are a few small journals on the right, like Crisis and The National Catholic Register.”

Got that? National Catholic Reporter, Commonweal and America are “national” and “independent” (not liberal) but Crisis and National Catholic Register are “a few small journals on the right”. It might interest this person to know that Crisis now has a greater circulation than America or Commonweal. The Register is growing quickly and will surpass the Reporter some day. Of course, the speaker ignores Catholic World Report, First Things, Envoy, but those are just small journals on the right.

“We need to work for a wider availability of publications like Commonweal and the NCR and America and, yes, like Crisis and The National Catholic Register, at the parish level, where they can stimulate lay thought about important issues in the church.”

Notice this, we need to push dissident rags but also, yes, those pesky right wing journals as an afterthought-just so people don’t think we are a bunch of dissidents.

This same speaker then goes on to talk about how he would abolish the College of Cardinals! According to the VOTF-LI website, an open mike then followed and many of the comments seem to question Dr. Lakeland’s beliefs and VOTF’s agenda. There are two separate references to “Katherine of Sienna”. One person questioned the groups’ choice of Richard McBrien as a speaker since he is a dissenter. I would have loved to have attended and questioned the choice of McBrien on the grounds that he was also chosen to speak by Bishop McGann years ago. McGann was the Bishop for over 20 years during which he personally transferred pedophile priests while forcing “conservative” pastors to resign. Why follow McGann’s example when you claim to be a group that is against his type of leadership? I asked this very question in an email to the co-leaders of VOTF-LI but they never answered. So much for “dialogue”.

Monday, August 18, 2003

The Best of Enemies
Foes Find Common Ground in Abortion Debate

This article from a local free newspaper describes Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life and Bill Baird, an abortion supporter and their "friendship". Fr. Pavone is impressive. The newspaper, New Island Ear, is at least more balanced when it comes to the Catholic Church than the anti-Catholic Newsday.

19) Blog: Catholic Surfer - Betty G.

Self-Description: “I want to help you surf to the end of the Internet and beyond! Especially to Catholic apologetics sites.”

Features: Quotes from various Christian forums, apologetics

Quick Summary: Excellent site, great idea-posting excerpts from forums, good place to go for apologetics

20) Blog: Pro Deo et Patria - Bill Cork

Self-Description: “A Catholic’s Blog”

Features: links to articles, evenhanded assessments

Quick Summary: commentary on heterodoxy in the Church and the goings on in some other denominations, lately many Mel Gibson posts

21) Blog: Pilgrimage - peggy rettle

Self-Description: “This blog has to do with Catholic culture and some politics and economics.”

Features: current events

Quick Summary: Forthright, blunt posts with lots of politics

Many St. Blog parishioners are leaving Blogger for other types of hosts. They say they have had all sorts of trouble with Blogger but I have never found much trouble posting. Of course I stuck with basic blogger and never post pics or do anything fancy. I am afraid I have become an Underwood Guy. Those are people who insist on using the old Underwood typewriter they have had for years. I always used to think “get with it, those things are old, outdated, computer are so much easier”, but now I kind of understand. There is something to sticking with what you know and a kind of joy in keeping things simple. I also don’t like the way that many newer blogs look. On my internet explorer many of these blog templates appear to have large writing which makes me have to scroll to read every post. I like the comments box to pop up also-I don’t like the comments that appear under the posts. I guess I’ll stick to my regular old blog and template and post away until I am known as the only weirdo that still uses blogger.