Saturday, August 11, 2007

This Associated Press article on Rudy Giuliani's faith (or lack thereof) mentions his life long friend Msgr. Alan Placa and also Stephen Dillard's Catholics Against Rudy.

"Rudy Giuliani evokes his Catholic upbringing as he campaigns for president, yet he refuses to say whether he is a practicing Catholic."

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bishop to Honor Lay People with New St. Agnes Medal at September Prayer Service

"One individual or married couple from each parish in the diocese has been chosen.Bishop Murphy announced the creation of the medal at a January 21, 2007 Mass opening the anniversary year of the diocese. Pastors from 133 parishes were asked to nominate lay people who unselfishly donate their time to their parishes."

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Someone came to this blog after doing a google search for"where was the toll booth from the godfather filmed". I see Wikipedia has it filmed at the Meadowbrook Toll Plaza, but according to other sources it was filmed in an abandoned runway at Mitchel Field. Mitchel Field is correct, because if you watch closely as Sonny is driving around the bend to the toll booth, you can see the antenna of Telecare, the Diocese of Rockville Centre's television station, located on the grounds of what is now Kellenberg High School. This is right across from the former Mitchell Field. Long Island is a good place to film mobster's deaths -
Bobby Bacala's death in the "Blue Comet"episode of the Soprano's was filmed in Trainworld in Lynbrook. Trainworld is the go to place for model trains of all types, as Bobby obviously knew.

Now that I have solved that mystery of where Sonny was shot, how about someone answering how Sonny could get shot up by men from all different angles, but the fake toll booth collector ducks below the window and doesn't get hit?
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