Saturday, January 24, 2009

From Whispers in the Loggia comes this news:

"This morning, Benedict XVI appointed Msgr Robert Guglielmone, rector of St Agnes Cathedral in Rockville Centre, as the 13th bishop of Charleston, one of the nation's eight oldest dioceses. In the post shepherding the Palmetto State's 185,000 Catholics, the 63 year-old pick succeeds Bishop Robert Baker, who was transferred to the diocese of Birmingham in August 2007."

It is nice to see the Diocese of Rockville Centre exporting a priest to become a Bishop, something I do recall seeing before. I know Bishop Cardone of the Solomon Islands (brother of Fr. Thomas Cardone of Kellenberg) is a native Long Islander but don't know of any other LI bishops serving elsewhere. Telecare will broadcast Bishop Murphy introducing Msgr. Guglielmone at 11 AM tomorrow. Best of luck to Msgr. Guglielmone!
Excommunications of the SSPX Bishops Lifted

This is great news. The Church is taking good steps toward getting the SSPX into full reconciliation. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the SSPX for keeping tradition alive over the past 35 years. Let's hope the SSPX will take some action against Richard Williamson to help smooth the process.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I have already seen some bloggers mention this conference on Catholicism and Economics at the Nassau Community College Center for Catholic Studies, so I wanted to post it also:

Catholicism and Economics:
Democratic Socialist, Democratic Capitalist, and Distributist Options

What: A conference on the topic of the compatibility of the Catholic vision with three economic systems: "democratic socialism," "democratic capitalism," and "distributism." The conference features scholarly presentations, intellectual exchanges, and summary statements on the three systems and a final reflection on the conference from the perspective of Heinrich Pesch and Solidarism.

When: Saturday, April 4th, 2009.
Where: College Center Building of Nassau Community College, Garden City, N.Y.

Who: All are invited, free of any charge, but registration is required.

All attendees must register with Nassau Community College, Office of Lifelong Learning, One Education Drive, Garden City, New York, 11530 (phone 1-516-572-7472). A parking permit will be mailed to you. Attendees should be aware that failure to display a permit on the inside window ledge of your vehicle or otherwise parking illegally could result in a parking ticket being issued to you.


11:30 A.M. Luncheon

12:30 P.M. Tributes to the Catholic scholarship of the late Cardinal Avery Dulles, S.J., of Fordham University by Monsignor Robert Batule of Immaculate Conception Seminary and of the late Monsignor Michael Wrenn of Dunwoodie Seminary by Monsignor George P. Graham, President, NY Metropolitan Chapter of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists.

1 P.M. Presentations. Exchanges, and Summary Statements-

Democratic Socialism - Charles M.A. Clark of St. John's University
Democratic Capitalism - Michael Novak of the American Enterprise Institute
Distributism - Thomas Storck of the Society for Distributism
Final Reflection - Stephen Krason of Franciscan University from the perspective of Heinrich Pesch ("Solidarism").

Conference concludes by 4:30 P.M.
If you would like to financially support the programs of the N.C.C. Center for Catholic Studies, please write out a tax-deductible check made out to the "Center for Catholic Studies-Nassau Foundation" and send it to Vice-President Joseph Buckheit, Nassau Foundation, One Education Drive, Garden City, N.Y. 11530. The Nassau Foundation will send you a letter acknowledging your financial contribution for your tax records.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gen X Revert
6 year Blogiversary
1/18/03 - 1/18/09

My thoughts on turning 6

This blog is now six years old, which in blog years is really 97. Times sure have changed. When I started this blog Long Island was just a collection of strip malls, traffic jams, and fast food joints - now it is soooo much more! There were only 7,254 Starbucks on the Island then but now the chain is finally taking off. In 2003 Newsday was relentlessly publishing anti-Catholic content and today it hardly publishes any content at all. People never dreamed back then we would put a man on the moon, or find piles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And gas back then was only $.20 per gallon and milk was free!

I started out blogging as a fresh faced idealistic kid who never dreamed someday I would own a wife and marry a cat. Back then I would spend countless minutes crafting posts that delved into the very core of issues affecting our Church, our Long Island, and our souls. Today, I simply link to The Deacons Bench and Wikipedia. Over the course of the past 6 years I have grown to have 3 readers and quite frankly, that is too much pressure. But today is a day for celebrating - 6 years of blogging. Now some would say it is time to move on and pass the torch to a new generation, but those people are not me.

So, may this blog live long and prosper, or at least not be the subject of a lawsuit.