Saturday, January 31, 2004


Our Diocese, which Bishop McGann almost destroyed, is having a Synod called by the much better Bishop Murphy. The first step is to have listening sessions in each parish, with people writing down their opinions about various aspects of the local Church. ALL opinions are put on the website for all to see. This is a completely useless waste of time! The saying is true: Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one. The opinions are horrible and many times not even literate. The only thing this is doing is showing the ignorance of Catholics on Long Island.

Worst example so far (From the section on Liturgy):

"We need larger Communion hosts. I get hungry in Mass and the hosts are really good so I think we need larger ones. It will help keep people interested because when someone is hungry all they do is think of eating and not about Church when they are hungry in Church. They should also come in different flavors."


The Passion of the Christ is coming to a theater near me. I have a choice of Lynbrook, Stony Brook, Rockville Centre, or Westbury. Although I am disappointed that it is not at as widely distributed as I thought it would be. It is only showing in 1 theater in Manhattan!! It is also rated R "For sequences of graphic violence".

“In short, there are no liberal critics of ‘The Passion’; there are only ‘conservatives’ who like it. Similarly, those who complain about anti-Christian films are anti-Semitic, and those who like good Christian films are also anti-Semitic. The upshot is that most Americans are anti-Semitic. Either that or those who hate Christians have no problem getting a job in the media.”

Thursday, January 29, 2004

A local "Parish Voice" of the Long Island Voice of the Faithful had a meeting at a local park. A priest from New Jersey spoke, blah blah blah. The date of this meeting? January 22nd. Well it's not like any Voice of the Faithful would have anything else to do that day.

Memo to Bill Donohue: This type of stuff works both ways: although I think you are the best, when the Catholic League protests a movie too loudly there are those that are encouraged to see the thing.
4th Mepham Football Player Arrested


"Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania judge sentenced Phil Sofia, 17, to a four-month stint at a boot camp and his accomplice Ken Carney, 16, to a juvenile detention center, also for four months. Tom Diasparra, 16, who cut a plea deal with prosecutors, got probation and was freed.
The three were accused of taking part in the brutal hazing attacks on two 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old in August. The victims were sodomized with pine cones, golf balls and a broomstick dipped in Mineral Ice.
Sources said authorities expect to arrest a fifth attacker in the coming weeks."

A 4th jock from the Mepham High School football team was arrested in the rape and torture attacks that occurred in August 2003. Rich Guccione was his name and he would have been arrested earlier but the paperwork was lost! The article states that a 5th suspect is expected to be arrested soon. This will probably be Nick Paris. Guccione and Paris were known on the web as suspects since at least November. Why did it take so long for the police and prosecutors to charge these guys when there were Mepham students publishing their names on the internet for months???? It can't be that hard to get high school jocks to talk.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Bishop Murphy Hears the Voices of His Priests

Good piece printed in Newsday's editorial section by the Diocese of Rockville Centre's spokeswoman, Joanne Novarro. Another article in the paper today announced that Novarro has quit this job, understandably, she needed some quiet time with her family.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Many bloggers have posted the comments of the new Cardinal Gustaaf Joos who said that most gays were sexual perverts and only a small percentage true homosexuals. But most did not mention his more interesting comments:

"Asked about the merits of democracy, he said, "Politics, democracy. Don't make me laugh.
"The right to vote, what is that all about? I think it is curious a snot-nosed, 18-year-old has the same vote as a father of seven. One has no responsibilities whatsoever, the other provides tomorrow's citizens."

He should have his own tv show.
Today I attended the traditional Latin Mass - I thought the post-Communion prayer was nice:

"Quos tantis, Domine, largiris uti mysteriis: quaesumus; ut effectibus nos eorum veraciter aptare digneris."

"Grant, Lord, that we who by Your generosity are admitted to frequent these great mysteries, may be made fit to profit by them as we ought."
Air Force Honors Slain Chaplain

"Yesterday, Air Force members from the 514th Air Mobility Wing at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey dedicated an administrative building to Penzes, who served them as a reservist and chaplain for 28 years. It was the first time the U.S. Air Force had ever dedicated a building to a chaplain, said Brig. Gen. Christopher Joniec, who unveiled the plaque that will honor Penzes."

Fr. Penzes was the Catholic priest shot to death by a sick man who was not taking his meds. It was a horrible situation, Fr. Penzes was a good priest and a wonderful elderly woman attending Mass was also killed.
Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ made the front page of the NY Daily News today:

Love, hate & furor
Controversy grows over Mel Gibson's 'Passion'

"Against unbelievable odds, "The Passion of the Christ" is now shaping up to be the hottest ticket in the history of Hollywood when it finally hits theaters on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 25."

That statement is a bit over the top!

"The New York-based Catholic League bought 1,200 tickets at $9.75 apiece and will make them available to members for $5."
"We could probably sell 10,000 of these tickets," said Catholic League President William Donohue. "The reason I'm subsidizing it is to make a point - it's important to see this movie. And it's to drive Mel's critics crazy."

Bill Donohue is so refreshingly blunt!

"There were rumblings that Gibson's labor of love was a $25 million vanity project, something along the lines of John Travolta's "Battlefield Earth."

Heaven Forbid!!
Fr. Benedict Groeschel

When I began my journey back to the faith, I read a couple of books by Fr. Groeschel including the excellent The Reform of the Renewal. His intelligence and humor really impressed me. The first discovery I made of something orthodox and local was the Americans United for the Pope lectures at Kellenberg High School. At the second lecture I attended a man spoke briefly about a retreat he was running in the high school retreat house which would be led by Fr. Groeschel. He would be there the entire weekend so I could not pass up this opportunity. He was excellent and just as funny and intelligent as expected. I have since spent two weekends on retreats with him and heard him speak a few more times at the school. In December he had another retreat at the school but I passed it up since I had already been to two retreats and had some things I needed to do. I did however make plans to hear him speak on that Sunday, but alas, it snowed heavily and my friend and I decided not to risk the drive. Now of course we wish we had risked it since my friend has never heard Fr. Groeschel in person. Now that he has had this serious accident, I am realizing just how much he has meant to my spiritual journey. Here are some things from Fr. Groeschel that have stuck in my mind-please keep in mind these are mostly from my memory so they are paraphrases and may not be 100% accurate:

Gen X Revert: “How are you Father?”
Fr. Groeschel: (shrugging shoulders) “Ehhh…I’m old

From Arise from Darkness:

“No one lives the Christian life perfectly. In my life I've known dumb Jesuits, confused Dominicans, proud Capuchins, rich Franciscans, and Salesians who can't stand small children. I've known merciless Sisters of Mercy and uncharitable Missionaries of Charity and foolish Daughters of Wisdom.”

On being called a “conservative” priest:I don’t want to conserve anything …I want to blow the whole thing up!

On dressing for Mass: “The middle class dress like they are going to the beach and the upper class dress like they are coming from the beach”

On meeting Mother Theresa for the first time: “I thought she was so ugly she was almost cute”

On his funeral: “If people at my funeral talk about me like I am already in Heaven, or the music is too sappy, I am going to get up out of that coffin and scare the daylights out of everyone!!”

On hearing, along with a Rabbi friend, at an outdoor Easter service, a minister preach that whether the physical resurrection of the body actually happened is not important: “I wanted to push the minister over the cliff, but then thought of the headlines- Priest Kills Minister While Rabbi Looks On”.

On Youth 2000: “I belong to Youth 1950”

On his community: “Our median age is 37 and if I drop dead tonight it will go down to 25”.

On translation: “In the old canon we said ‘From the rising of the sun to its dimunition,( to its setting)’-a beautiful poetic phrase, now we say ‘From East to West’. Whenever I hear that East to West I think of I-80!”

On the younger guys of his community: “The younger men in this community are so good I feel like I don’t deserve them. One guy I teach is so good, so holy, that on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception I wish him a Happy Name Day”.

On Reform from Scandal to Hope: “The fact is that the great majority of laity are more traditional and devout than they have been permitted to be by those who saw renewal as the principal object of Christian life.”

On the scandals from Scandal to Hope: “Does all this scandal shake your faith in the Church? I hope so, because ultimately your faith should not be in the Church. Ultimately our faith is in Jesus Christ, and we accept the Church. We support the Church. We believe in and belong to the Church because Christ established it on His apostles.”