Friday, December 07, 2007

Rite of Dedication of St. Therese of Lisieux, Montauk, NY

The above link takes you to a 30 minute YouTube video from WVVH-TV Hamptons Television® showing clips of the Dedication Mass of the new Church in Montauk. The parish Church was originally built in 1935 and closed in 1995 due to damage from salt air and harsh winds of the nearby Atlantic Ocean. It took several years to build the new Church due to those same harsh conditions. Shortly after the dedication Mass, the pastor of the parish Msgr. Peter A. Libasci became a bishop.
My post on the two corrupt priests who tried to get out of serving their jail time by claiming to be too sick caused "Mr. T" to lash out again on this blog in the comment section. This time he accused me of being ignorant about things in the Church, a gossip, and of using slander. I deny all three and post a lengthy reply below. Mr. T. is representative of certain Catholics, mostly of an older generation, who are full of fear whenever younger Catholics speak of tradition. My advice to all these Catholics: remember the words of a President of your generation: You have nothing to fear but fear itself. For those who are appreciative of the cleaning out of the corruption and dissent in the Church, who love the renewed sense of tradition on display everywhere: remember the words of a President of my generation: You ain't seen nothing yet!

Mr. T's comments in italics, my response below:

"12/4 - you say I have no faith in the USCCB"

Wrong – I said “Although I don't put much faith in the USCCB, I wish Bishop Murphy the best in this responsibility” Seems like you are simply seeing what you want to see…Everything you write next does not change the fact that I have little faith (which is different from none) in the UCCB

“I trust that is base on personal, direct experience. Did you know that in the United States, but for the American Bishops, there would be significantly less lower and middle income (affordable) housing. That post Katrina, US Catholic Charities distirbuted more DIRECT aid and faster than any agency other than FEMA.”

Yes, I don’t put much faith in the USCCB since for years it was run by the “liberal” faction of bishops, for lack of a better word. This organization put out positive reviews of Brokeback Mountain and The Golden Compass, but mild and weak statements of policy, and watered down theology. The things you mention are wonderful, but nothing I have ever said on this blog has anything to do with this stuff. I post mostly on liturgical and criminal matters, as well as education and vocational stuff. Also, is Catholic Charities run by the USCCB? - I thought it was an independent charity. Still do not see slander or gossip…

“That there voice has been the only leading voice for the unborn and the elderly.”

That is hard to believe – the ONLY leading voice?? What about Priests for Life? What about Operation Rescue? American Life League? Feminists for Life? Still do not see slander or gossip

“They failed to deal appropriately with the sexual abuse crisis, but again I believe they felt constrained by Canon Lawyer and its protection of the clergy. They have been more aggressive since in dealing with a horrible disorder that affected a limited number of priests. However, one is too many.”

I am one of those rare people who care less about the Bishop’s handling of priest abusers than the abusers themselves. I really object to your term “horrible disorder” to describe grown men who molest young boys and girls or teen. I see it as sin, not a disorder – although some of the men may have been sick. Still, my blog focuses mostly on the corrupt (such as Michael Jude Fay) or perverts (such as Paul Shanley) not the sick types who were truly contrite. You should also notice my blog focuses a lot on crime and corruption in general – I have posted more about the Mepham High rapes and the Roslyn school district scandals than most places on the net. So, if you weren’t so angry you might notice a pattern of hating crime and injustice, not of bias against priests. Still do not see slander or gossip…

106 "typical of Bishop Wcela's "smug and condesending attitude toward tradition" When was the last time you engaged in personal, face to face dialgoue with Emil Wcela who many and I mean many would say is one of the simplest, holiestm gentlest priests on Long Island.”

When was the last time you engaged me in personal face to face dialogue? Everything I have read by Bishop Wcela on traditional Catholicism has been smug and condescending. If Bishop Wcela writes publicly in America Magazine I can write on this blog criticizing what he writes. Just as you can criticize what I write. This is not slander, I am commenting on his writing. Why do I need to have spoken to him in person? I met him once, and heard him speak and along with other younger people was not that impressed. Still, I was grateful he gave the talk he did. I am sure if he wanted to talk about Church stuff we would have a nice conversation. I would want him to know how much younger people want tradition that was thrown overboard in the 70’s and how that is a good thing, not a bad thing. I am sure we would agree on some things and disagree on others. I am sure he could teach me a lot on scripture. I have never commented on his personal holiness. Still do not see slander or gossip…

"11/17 - sidebar comment in church to your wife about "child molesting priests" causing the emptiness in pews.”

This was in response to a pastor (of a parish where 3 priests have been removed) saying ‘that there were less people coming to Mass these days, less people giving money, and he didn't think there was anyone to blame for this’ I mean come on, do you have to have a crystal ball to see why so many would be hesitant to give money? This was the purpose of the priest’s talk by the way, it was not the homily. Still do not see slander or gossip…

"As a parent, practicing Catholic, a sinner, I would rather paint myself with the brush of sin than some broad statement about a whole class of people.”

Are you the same Mr. T. who said “you and your kind”????? As in “Oh yes, the restoration of the Tidentine Mass will heal all your woes. If you and your kind are fruits of that, the future is far worse than the past.” Still do not see slander or gossip…

"Would you care for more comments on what I consdier ignorant and slander?”

I would settle for just 1 example because so far… Still do not see slander or gossip…

"Contribute to the healing, not the pain.”

From what most people tell me that is what I am doing, now why don’t you take your own advice instead of ranting against the traditional Mass? Still do not see slander or gossip…

"Some priests caused scandal. Most did not.”

We are in complete agreement here. Still do not see slander or gossip…

"Highlight in your blog a priest (other than one simply saying a beatiful Tridentine Mass) bearing the heat of the Fr.Frank Pizzarelli caring for 1,000's of kids, Fr. John Cervini giving his life and health to the missions in the Dominican Republic,Fr. Gene Murphy caring for the sick at Winthrop Hospital for decades,or the late Fr. Larry Penzes who served his country in the military, minististered to all with kindness and gave his life as he celebrated holy mass...the novus ordo holy mass.”

I have mentioned good priests and good things in this Diocese, but your anger seems to blind you from seeing them. Please click on the category on the right that says: Diocese of Rockville Centre and you will see some of them. Still do not see slander or gossip…

"Who cares about the Pope's MC and what vestments B16 is wearing. The gospel focuses on action and the men I mentioned have lived the gospel.”

Many Catholics care, because they understand the importance of taste and tradition. Still do not see slander or gossip…

"And, as I have told you in the past tens of thousands of people would completely find offense in your assessment of the ministry of one John McGann, whom I am certain you never spent five seconds speaking to or praying with.”

You are wrong, I served Mass for Bishop McGann and was confirmed by him. So, I have spent more than 5 seconds speaking to him and praying with him. I am always uncertain of people that are so certain of things.

I can’t understand why anyone would be offended by my assessment of Bishop McGann’s leadership of this Diocese. Catholics are not mindless sheep you know, we can disagree with priests, nuns, bishops and even the Pope on simple matters. I disagree with the direction he and his staff took. I do not believe his actions helped foster vocations, or orthodoxy on this island, but I do not find him to be unusual in that regard. Nor do I think that made him a bad person. Nor would I list him as one of the country’s worst bishops in any regard. I like the direction Bishop Murphy is taking this Diocese, but I am not offended when people criticize him. Criticism is not something that offends me, unless it is mean or ignorant.

I do get offended by priests who rape children, or spend other people’s money on their lovers. I find offense in violent criminals and liars. I find offense in people that lie or steal. I find offense in killing and raping. I simply do not understand why anyone would be offended by someone’s opinion, unless it was evil or hateful, which this blog has never been. I do not slander or gossip, nor do I lie. I am always careful of what I say, even when I criticize, which I do not do often. Recently I upgraded my blog and was able to tag each post with a label to put them all into categories. Doing this enabled me to read old posts that I had forgotten about. The ones that were angry posts were always about a bigot (like Jimmy Breslin) or about a violent criminal (like the Mepham High rapists) or a jerk (like Roslyn School District thief Pamela Gluckin). And yes, many were on corrupt priests or bishops, that is to be expected from someone who loves the Church and whose blog concentrates on Catholicism. I guess I have a high sense of justice, or a low tolerance for evil. The only posts I have ever thought of deleting or changing while labeling all the posts were the ones on islam. I reread them while organizing the categories and thought they may have come close to the line from righteous anger to hate a few times, but this has never been true of my posts on any Church stuff.

Conclusion – I do not see gossip or slander on my blog, but if you want a place where corruption in the Church is ignored or tradition is disparaged, then you are not going to like it here.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Judge sentences Darien priest to just over three years in prison

The above link refers to the priest Michael Jude Fay from Connecticut, who stole money from a parish and spent it lavishly with his gay lover. He tried the same trick to get out of prison that a priest of the Diocese or Brooklyn tried: claiming he is close to death from terminal cancer.

"I beg for your mercy not to send me to prison, Fay told the judge. I am already in prison and I beg you to let me die with the medical dignity my doctors and nurses provide."

Fortunately, this judge was smart enough to ignore this trick. Check out this quote from an article about Fay:

"Fay learned he had prostate cancer, but Patafio and other parishioners said he cited problems from the cancer to avoid duties he disliked. He called it playing his "cancer card" they said."

This is exactly what another priest Barry Ryan tried to pull - See my post here. Ryan claimed in 2004 he was too sick from terminal cancer to go to jail, and then ended up moving to Missouri in 2007, resulting in a warrant for his arrest. He finally began serving his jail time in Oct. 2007:

"Ryan, 58, was formally sentenced in 2004 after pleading guilty to criminal sexual act charges. But because he was in the advanced stages of terminal liver cancer, Suffolk County Court Judge Ralph Gazzillo agreed to put off sending Ryan to jail for seven months."

Three years later, Ryan was still alive and his illness had stabilized, but Ryan had moved to Missouri, according to prosecutors."

Ryan appeared frail and gaunt when he was brought into the Riverhead courtroom in a wheelchair Monday. But while informing Gazzillo of the various medications he required, Ryan spoke far more clearly than the whisper he used three years ago at his sentencing."

A nice story on a former Long Islander who is bringing a Mexican art to Churches in the US.

"A self-described handyman who built his own house on Long Island and said he knows “all the trades,” Donaldson is focused today on transforming religious pictures into magnificently painted tile scenes, eight of which are mounted on and around the courtyard walls of Santa Cruz Parish at 6th Avenue and 22nd Street in Tucson."

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bishop Murphy Elected Chair of USCCB Domestic Policy Committee

"The Domestic Policy Committee is a standing committee of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. It coordinates the USCCB's policy development and advocacy on major national issues including: health care, welfare reform, violence and the death penalty, poverty, civil rights, housing, homelessness, hunger, rural life, economic justice, labor and employment. It has oversight of the USCCB Department of Social Development and World Peace with regard to these issues. "

Although I don't put much faith in the USCCB, I wish Bishop Murphy the best in this responsibility. Perhaps a good tool he can use for this work is the Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Curt Jester has a great post on the media coverage of the Pope's new encyclical Spe Salvi. First, he lists headlines that seem like they are typical Curt Jester spoofs, but they are real headlines he is listing. Then, he quotes Tom at Disputations who spoke about the Ginger factor:

"The Ginger Factor, named for a well-known "Far Side" cartoon, is a measure of the ratio of words said to words understood. A dog named Ginger, for example, only understands the word "Ginger" in the sentence, "Okay, Ginger, if you get into the garbage one more time, you'll be spending the night outside." I think most people, not just benighted reporters, experience a high Ginger Factor with most papal encyclicals"