Wednesday, September 24, 2008

High school football hazing scandal could lead to charges

Here we go again, just like the Mepham High Football rape, etc... When are people going to learn?

"According to state police reports, a group of juniors assaulted several younger teammates over two days, holding the victims down while a broomstick was forced into their rectums over their athletic shorts."

This is rape, just like at Mepham High. The students who did this have very serious issues and need to be in jail, and in therapy.

"Police didn't find out about it from school officials; instead, a state trooper whose son is on the team learned of the allegations through his wife, a camp volunteer."

Why were the police told immediately? What did the coaches, school officials, parents and jocks know and when did they know it?

"The alleged ringleader was expelled. The others, some of them veteran players of the highly successful team, were suspended through the end of the school year."

This is good, but these football players committed violent acts and the police and courts should be doling out the punishments, not just the school.

"Several residents expressed disbelief, frustration and embarrassment over the case, along with anger - some directed at the coaches, some at the media inquiring about the scandal."

No one should be angry about the media inquiring about this crime - that is their job and it helps to expose the truth. That is how Mepham High became famous and only then did action get taken.