Saturday, January 22, 2005


I'm "stuck" inside with relative visiting for the weekend including my 5 year old niece and 3 year old nephew. Outside is a good 8 inches of snow and it is still falling fast. This has been a fun weekend so far - I got to play lots of fun games - my niece beat me at Go Fish 4 times.

Updated: 12 inches of snow!
For the Blame Celibacy Crowd -

Cop accused of taking porn pix of rocker's brutalized kin

Cop suspended for sex with minor

A 40-year-old Arvada woman who police say wanted to be seen as a, "cool mom", is suspected of supplying drugs and alcohol to high school boys, and having sex with them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dietrich Von Hildebrand Legacy Project

"The Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project was founded by John Henry Crosby in 2004 to promote the thought and spirit of Dietrich von Hildebrand by preserving his memory and disseminating his writings, especially in the English-speaking world. "

I just saw Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand on EWTN Live and she mentioned this new project. The website describes the work in more detail and also lists a very impressive Advisory Council that includes Cardinal Ratzinger, Rocco Buttiglione, Otto von Hapsburg, Michael Novak, and Rhonda Chervin. One of the goals is to translate into English Von Hildebrand's writings - including his sixty anti-Nazi tracts that made him a marked man and caused him to flee to America. You can read about Dietrich Von Hildebrand and his work here. This is a very worthy project to say the least.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I just updated my list of Catholic Blogs. If anyone has any additions, corrections or suggestions please let me know.
Happy Blogoversary to Me, Happy Blogoversary to Me

January 18th, 2003 was the date I published my first post, so today would be my 2 year blogoversary. Looking at my first days' posts, the topics of interest to me were Catholic education, the lack of solid instruction in the faith for my generation, and the anti-Catholic Newsday. These continue to be my main areas of interest and I hope to hear from people who care to comment on these things in the future. In the past two years blogging has come a long way baby - just ask Dan Rather. While not bringing down any major MSM figures Gen X Revert did point out errors in a horrible article by Roger Friedman from The article was on The Passion of The Christ and included this statement:

"The theaters they have chosen in Jewish areas are minimal — none, for example, on Long Island near Valley Stream and the Five Towns or Great Neck and Roslyn — but screens in more friendly places like Merrick, Lynbrook and Seaford."

Using the latest sophisticated computer technology (ok Mapquest) I made the following observations:

Towns where the movies is showing compared to the towns he cites:

Lynbrook is 12 minutes (4.77 miles) from the Five Towns area
Lynbrook is 5 minutes (2.20 miles) from Valley Stream
Port Washington is 17 minutes (5.28 miles) from Great Neck
Port Washington is 13 minutes (4.38 miles) from Roslyn

And: The movie is showing in Seaford, which is in between Massapequa and Bellmore, both of which have large Jewish populations. Also, Merrick is both heavily Jewish and upscale.

Surprisingly, this impressive research did not result in a deluge of job offers, book deals, or even congratulatory phone calls from Woodward/Bernstein. We bloggers will never be fully appreciated for our efforts.

I have never cared about the blog being read by many people but I would like to see more local Catholics discover this blog. Perhaps it could be a place of discussion for Long Island Catholics. I have witnessed some good things over the past two years in this Diocese that should give all Catholics reason for hope. For example, all priests who were accused of molesting someone were removed from ministry. Even better, the number of seminarians for our diocese has doubled in the past two years. I have also noted a few changes in the Diocese and in the seminary that are positive and are probably directly related to the increase in vocations. I became involved in the local version of Theology on Tap (called Faith on Tap) and that is going well. So there are some signs of hope on this island for Catholics and I hope Gen X Revert will be the place to point them out.

Monday, January 17, 2005

I just caught the last 10 minutes of Bill Donohue on EWTN's World Over. He was asked if he thought Bill O'Reilly was Catholic by a caller who thought O'Reilly sounded more like a Mason. Donohue said yes, O'Reilly is a Catholic and went to a good Catholic school on Long Island - Chaminade, but that O'Reilly liked to play the contrarian. Donohue then mentioned that the chairman of the board of directors of the Catholic League was Fr. Eichner and what a great job Eichner has done with Chaminade and Kellenberg High Schools. It was nice to hear the schools mentioned with praise on EWTN. Perhaps priests and brothers from the religious community that runs these schools would make good guests for the EWTN Live or Life on the Rock programs?

via Michelle Malkin

An entire family of four had their throats slit in Jersey City!!!! The father of the family was an outspoken Egyptian Christian who criticized Islamists. One of the young daughters, only 15 years old, was also slit on the wrist where she had a tatoo of a cross. Why is this not front page news every single day? Where is the outrage? This is worse than the murder of Theo Van Gogh.