Saturday, April 27, 2013

Protesters demand Catholic Church take stand against drones

"SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- The group was not large, but they say they're determined. Their demand? That leaders in the Catholic Church, like Syracuse's Bishop Robert Cunningham, take a strong stand, demanding the United States end their use of drones.

“We met with the Bishop about a year ago and he couldn't make up his mind then as to whether or not this was a moral issue. We feel that it's an outstanding moral issue,” said Jack Gilroy, anti-drone protester.

The Bishop was not in Syracuse as the protest happened. But he does not appear ready to make a judgment yet on the drone issue.

“The Bishop feels very strongly about it. As a Catholic he is, obviously, opposed to killing. But he needs to make an informed decision. It's a very complicated issue,” said Danielle Cummings, Syracuse Roman Catholic Diocese."

The article is small and can be read here.  I am conflicted about drones also - while they can be more accurate than traditional military methods of fighting, it is not right that a state can decide who is an enemy and kill them and everyone around them.  On the other hand, terrorism has to be fought wherever it is and we cannot send troops into every nation with Islamic terrorists.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church now offers Latin Mass on Sundays

This story is from North Carolina and represents part of the legacy of Pope Benedict and the return to tradition that is ultimately going to help the Church.  The story was written by a Hugh Fisher, who should be congratulated for writing one of the best stories on the Latin Mass return I have read.  It does not contain any of the buzzwords (back to the people, nostaglia, etc....) and it quite accurate.

"It’s become common for churches of different denominations to add contemporary worship services, which often feature modern music and a more relaxed style of worship.

Meanwhile, in Salisbury, one church has responded to requests from parishioners by adding an option for worship that is older, not newer.

Since April 7, Sacred Heart Catholic Church has been offering the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, also called the “Latin Mass,” as one option for Sunday worship.

Worshipers at the 4 p.m. service now pray along with Gregorian chants sung by a newly-formed Latin choir, as Father Jason Barone and servers offer prayers that have changed very little since the 16th century."

Read the whole article, it is worth it.

Saudi Arabia Reaffirms Ban on the Buiding of Non-Muslim Place of Worship

"Bishops from several European countries are criticizing Saudi Minister of Justice, Mohamed el-Eissi, after he insisted that "the cradle of the Muslim sanctities will not allow the establishment of any other places of worship."

The statement has reflected the Saudi government's intention to resume its ban on the building of non-Muslim places of worship within Saudi territories, or even the observance of non-Islamic religious rituals."

Read more at the Christian Post

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Episcopal Ordination of Bishop-Elect Robert J. Coyle

Msgr. Robert Coyle, former paster of Corpus Christi in Mineola, was ordained a Bishop today in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  He will be an auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA.


Steubenville has come up several times recently in my reading - that is the Franciscan University of Steubenville.  This school has been sort of the epicenter of the evangelical / charismatic Catholic movement.

  • I read a post by Sam Rocha (a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville) the other day responding to a Salon author who wrote about the horrible rape case in the city of Steubenville.  He criticized the author, who attended Franciscan University of Steubenville teen conferences, for mixing the city and the University conferences together in what he considered a cheap way.  His post was good, and I find myself a bit envious of those who attended strongly Catholic colleges and Universities since I did not.  Yes, I have seen criticisms of various types of Franciscan U by some grads who seem reliable, but overall I think it does a good job of helping Catholics become better Catholics, or even just staying Catholic, where most Catholic colleges do the exact opposite. 

"Before he entered the Franciscan Third Order Regular, he graduated in 1985 with a bachelor of science in pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, working as a pharmacy training manager from 1984-1990. In 1990, he earned his juris doctor from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and spent the next 10 years as a practicing attorney in Sacramento and Pittsburgh, focusing on healthcare litigation, primarily with the representation of hospitals and physicians.

The Cresson, Pennsylvania, native entered the Franciscan Third Order Regular in 2000 and made his solemn profession of vows in 2005. He was ordained to the priesthood in December 2006. "

"In partnership with Franciscan University, the Legacy Project is developing programs uniquely oriented to the intellectual mission of a university community.

As the leading American institution for the study of Dietrich von Hildebrand and personalism in the spirit of John Henry Newman, Max Scheler, Karol Wojtyla, Romano Guardini, and other philosophical champions of human dignity, Franciscan University is the natural setting for the Legacy Project’s first academic center.

Two of the Legacy Project’s flagship programs have come to Franciscan University:

• Graduate Fellowship: During the academic year and summer, the Legacy Project gives financial awards to MA level students supporting their study of von Hildebrand and their collaboration with the Legacy Project.

• Summer Seminar: Our annual Summer Seminar will be held July 15-19, 2013 on the campus of Franciscan University, which provides accommodations to participants, and makes available its facilities and considerable resources, among which is one of only three complete copies of Dietrich von Hildebrand’s papers."

See the Legacy Project website for more info about this great man-

 "Founded in 2004 by Franciscan University alumnus John Henry Crosby, the Legacy Project seeks to preserve and promote the thought and witness of Dietrich von Hildebrand (1889-1977), seminal philosopher, ardent Christian, fierce foe of Nazism, and fervent champion of beauty. Von Hildebrand developed and enriched the Western philosophical tradition through many original insights. His conversion to Catholicism at the age of 24 opened new vistas and enabled him to write many profound works unfolding Catholic faith and morals."

More St. John's University

Matthew Archbold at the National Catholic Register posts about the St. John's University students who are protesting the commencement speaker- my congressman Peter King.  The editorial in the student newspaper here objects to his hearings on islamic terrorism and call his remarks 'islamophobic'.  It is ironic that his hearings on domestic radicalization within the Muslim community in America were harshly condemned when the Boston bomber brothers show this is exactly what we need to be watching.  Everyone should read to avoid becoming another 'useful idiot'. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crying Babies At Mass

Everybody is talking about crying babies at Mass  -

Leah Libresco started it off with Oh Stewardess?  There's a Baby in my Plane!

I responded to a commenter there who has experienced the anti-baby babies in society:  "That is sad Kayleen, and it is a symptom of our decadent and joyless culture – people who see children as annoyances probably do not enjoy much in life. I am glad to say our son has elicited nothing but loving smiles and joyful waves at our Church. Hopefully, our culture will make a U turn and children will be seen as the blessing they are (for parents and non parents alike). That being said, I do everything possible to keep my son from shrieking at concert like decibels at restaurants or at Church and will take him outside if necessary. I try to be polite to others, you know, do unto others etc…"

Deacon Greg Kandra has a reader mention the issue here

I commented on the Deacon's site:  "My son will be 2 very soon & we take him to Church and thankfully people have been very happy to see him. We noticed the crying room encourages him to run around so we now stay in the pews. I take him out when he makes too much noise. Thankfully there are statues and great stained glass to occupy him somewhat. I have noticed since becoming a Dad how inadequate the parishes on Long Island are for young children – few have changing stations in the bathrooms for example and the outlets in the crying rooms are not covered. I think a pro-life Church that wants children should work on that."

Calah Alexander responded to the comments on Deacon's site here.

Dr. Gregory Popcak joined in here (spoiler: he is pro-baby)

The bottom line on this issue:
  • Babies are great and should be a source of joy for all, especially at Mass. 
  • The cry rooms in Churches are not good. 
  • When babies become too disruptive at Mass, and they will, then a parent must take them in the back or somewhere so others can pray. 

Father of VIA terror suspect came forward with concerns, imam says

As Mark Shea would say, more like them please - an imam tipped off police to a terror suspect and the father spoke to another imam about concerns with his son's rigid view of islam.  It is only fair to point out good things in the Muslim community.

"While the imam’s role has been widely reported, Mr. Syed said his law office, which works with many Muslim organizations, has acted similarly many times before.

He said the firm helps community members reach out to authorities, and also helps investigators who want to speak to community members. He said the relationship between the two has achieved a new level of comfort. “It’s always been there but it took a lot of time to develop the trust and the contact between the community and the agencies,” he said.

Meanwhile, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said Canadian Muslims played an “instrumental” role in the RCMP investigation that led to the arrests.

In an interview with the National Post, the minister compared the cooperation received from members of the Muslim community with the role Boston residents played in the capture of the marathon bombing suspect.

“The community involvement in dealing with these kinds of activities is absolutely essential. In that context I’d specifically want to point out the fact that the Muslim community was very instrumental in providing very crucial information that helped the police in this case,” he said."

Long Island - filled with trash

Family fun? Long Island mom accused of taking teens on BB shooting spree

"(CBS) HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. - A Long Island woman was arrested after police say she drove around with her 13-year-old son, her 15-year-old daughter and another 15-year-old boy, encouraging them to shoot out car windows with a BB gun that she bought for them.

Some kids just have the coolest moms!

According to CBS New York, Susan Becker, 43, of East Northport, was charged Saturday in connection with over 60 reported incidents of car windows being shot out in Commack, Hauppauge, and Islandia, all in Suffolk County, over the past two weeks."

I am trapped on an Island with idiots.

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

This sounds exciting. I have become more libertarian-ish due to several influences about which I will post at at a later date.  Certainly, as a Christian, the easiest libertarian viewpoint for me to support is the anti-war stance.   

From the Washington Times:

"President Obama has continued to embroil the nation in more conflicts overseas in the years since the previous Administration departed. However, this week a new Institute emerged, founded by former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, offering an alternative to Washington’s current foreign policy discussions. Paul’s new Institute, The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, seeks not only to challenge neoconservative and hawkish rhetoric, but will attempt to unite conservatives, liberals, progressives, libertarians and the American people towards a more sensible approach to foreign affairs."

Ron Paul is a great guy and his views on war, abortion, prohibition of drugs, and economics are pretty good.  See the website: The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Monday, April 22, 2013

True Dialogue Among Religions

Social Harmony and Religious Identities
A discussion on the foundations for a true dialogue among religions

Presented by
Crossroads Cultural Center
World Youth Alliance
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
7 p.m.

Church of the Holy Family Auditorium
315 East 47th Street
New York, NY

H.E. Amb. Tariq AL-ANSARI
Chief of Cabinet to the High Representative of the UN Alliance of Civilizations

Mr. John KLINK
President of the International Catholic Migration Commission

Prof. Oscar DE ROJAS
Professor of UN Studies at Long Island University and Former
Director of the UN's Financing for Development Office

This conference is open to the public and free of charge.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Faith on Tap at the Wantagh Inn

"Being A Young Catholic in the 21st Century"

All Young Adults

You are invited to join us on
Monday, April 22 for our Next Faith on Tap

Join us on Monday, April 22, as Paul Morisi discusses the challenges that face young adults in the church. Why do young adults leave the Catholic Church ... and why do others stay? What does the Church offer young adults in the 21st Century? Come out and join us as we discuss these issues!

Faith on Tap will be held at the Wantagh Inn
3264 Railroad Avenue

Across from the RR Station
Doors will open at 7:00
Come out early ~ have dinner ~ meet new friends ~
re-connect with old friends
Talk begins at 7:30

Boston Bombers were Muslims

Boston jihad murderer became devout Muslim, grew long beard, hectored friends: "Why don’t you become a better Muslim?"

Boston jihadi had direct contact with Chechen jihad terrorists

Boston jihad murderer's mosque recently hosted author who criticized U.S. for "war against Islam" 

 City of Boston gave "subsidy" to Boston Marathon jihadists' mosque

All of the above links are from, an invaluable website.  Considering that the FBI was told the one brother had contact with radicals and was questioned in 2011, and considering the brothers came to this country from an area that is largely muslim and has a recent history of incredible violence, you have to wonder whether we have learned much or anything at all since 9/11!

At least my congressman, Peter King, gets it (although I am not sure if I agree with his idea of declaring the Boston bomber an enemy combatant) - his facebook post:

"There have been 16 terror plots against New York since Sept. 11, 2001, all Islamist-based. We’re at war with Islamic terrorism. It’s coming from people within the Muslim community by the terrorists coming from that community. The Boston Marathon bombers obviously were Islamic terrorists motivated by Islamist views.  Read more:"