Saturday, June 02, 2012

East End church installed as basilica

 "Bishop Murphy said he asked that Pope Benedict grant this honor to Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary because of its beauty and significance as a center of worship for more than 100 years. Established for immigrant domestic workers who refused to come east to work for wealthy Protestant estate owners at the turn of the 20th century unless they had a place to worship, the parish has continued to grow with the community.

With the diocesan cathedral located in Rockville Centre, “some in Suffolk and especially the East End have felt distant from the diocese,” the bishop said in December, when he announced the pope’s decision to name Sacred Hearts a basilica. “I thought it would be a mark of recognition to the Catholics of the East End to have a parish with a distinguished history and a church building of remarkable beauty, well supported by a congregation of faith, receive this title.”

During the inauguration, Bishop Murphy blessed the traditional symbolic items granted use in a basilica – the “ombrellina,” an umbrella made in the papal colors of red and gold, and the “tintinnabulum” a miniature bell on a pole."


Murphy seeking Vatican OK for Latino auxiliary bishop

"Bishop William Murphy said Friday he is seeking Vatican approval for the first Latino auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of Rockville Centre to help serve the needs of Long Island's growing Hispanic population. Murphy said he made the request about two months ago, and that he could get an answer before the start of summer, though more likely it will come in the fall. He has submitted the names of three candidates, all from outside the diocese, whom he did not identify. "I would like that very much as a way to solidify the commitment of the church to the Hispanic population and give them at the highest level of our life as church a voice and presence that will confirm them and encourage them," Murphy said in an interview."

This makes a lot of sense considering how many Latinos are on Long Island.   Another Newsday article discusses the growing Latino population the Diocese:

Latino Catholics bring faith, fervor to Church