Saturday, September 04, 2004

The BBC can't figure out whether the terrorists who killed hundreds of children were muslim or not???
The Dawn Patrol, A Saintly Salmagundi and Michelle are just 3 blogs that note the inability of the press to call the terrorists who killed hundreds of children what they are :


Jihad Watch links to an AP story that finally admits the whole children-killing episode is a muslim push to do away with the infidels, just as they have been doing for 1500 years:

"Rebels linked to the school hostage-taking seek independence from Russia and most want to make Chechnya a sovereign Muslim nation."

This is the same thing that is happening in Nigeria, Sudan, the Phillipines, and it won't stop until the whole idea of a "muslim nation" is totally destroyed in everyone's mind.


Good article by Ralph Peters.

"Those Muslims who preach Jihad against the West decided years ago that killing Jewish or Christian children is not only acceptable, but pleasing to their god when done by "martyrs."
It isn't politically correct to say this, of course. We're supposed to pretend that Islam is a "religion of peace."


Friday, September 03, 2004

Report: More than 200 dead after troops storm school

Once again the religion of peace is treated differently by the press. Most stories about these fundamentalist muslims killing children either do not mention they are fundamentalist muslims or downplay it. The above link to the CNN report mentions the word muslim only once - "rebels have been fighting Russia and demanding independence for the Muslim-majority republic." The violent and inhumane people who would not even allow food or drink for the children are never described as muslims, they are described as "hostage-takers", "armed militants", "rebels", "terrorists", and "suicide bombers". Perhaps these terms are more accurate than "devout muslims" but if these horrible, evil people had been Catholic or Christian then you can be sure there would be mention of the Pope, Jerry Falwell, and the words "fundamentalist Christian" about a dozen times. There is only a hint of the connection to the 1500 years of violent muslim behavior in this section:

"Valery Andreyev, head of the local branch of the FSB intelligence service, said 10 of the dead hostage-takers were from Arab countries, after Russian troops stormed the school earlier Friday."

Many the souls of the children and adults killed because of these islamicist monsters rest in peace.

UPDATE: the number of dead is now up to 322

Thursday, September 02, 2004

After seeing so many stories for so many years about Muslims killing, torturing, kidnapping, blowing up, hijacking, slitting throats, and beheading, it is nice to see a story like this:


"Crowds stormed the main mosque in Katmandu and charged through the streets chanting, "Down with Islam" in protest yesterday against the murders of 12 Nepalese in Iraq.
Protesters attacked the mosque, set furniture and carpets on fire and tore up a copy of the Koran before police drove them out."

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


For a Mets fan those are beautiful numbers!
'Passion'-ate Day One DVD Sales

"Other accolades accorded The Passion of The Christ include: It is the #1 R-rated film in history; the #1 February release in history; the #1 non-English film ever released in the United States; the #1 independently distributed film in history; the #1 film in the U.S. for the first 23 days after its release; the #1 5-day per screen average ($41,295) and it tied for 5th fastest film to get to $100 million. "
Why does Notre Dame want Tariq Ramadan to teach at their school?

Daniel Pipes points out:

He has praised the brutal Islamist policies of the Sudanese politician Hassan Al-Turabi. Mr. Turabi in turn called Mr. Ramadan the "future of Islam."

Mr. Ramadan was banned from entering France in 1996 on suspicion of having links with an Algerian Islamist who had recently initiated a terrorist campaign in Paris.

Ahmed Brahim, an Algerian indicted for Al-Qaeda activities, had "routine contacts" with Mr. Ramadan, according to a Spanish judge (Baltasar Garzón) in 1999.

Djamel Beghal, leader of a group accused of planning to attack the American embassy in Paris, stated in his 2001 trial that he had studied with Mr. Ramadan.

Along with nearly all Islamists, Mr. Ramadan has denied that there is "any certain proof" that Bin Laden was behind 9/11.

He publicly refers to the Islamist atrocities of 9/11, Bali, and Madrid as "interventions," minimizing them to the point of near-endorsement.

Intelligence agencies suspect that Mr. Ramadan (along with his brother Hani) coordinated a meeting at the Hôtel Penta in Geneva for Ayman al-Zawahiri, deputy head of Al-Qaeda, and Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheikh, now in a Minnesota prison.

Mr. Ramadan's address appears in a register of Al Taqwa Bank, an organization the State Department accuses of supporting Islamist terrorism.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

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