Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Long Islander was recently arrested for meeting what he thought was a 13 year old girl for sex in a cemetary. This charming fellow has raped before:

"Officials say Fischer was arrested a month ago for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl and is under investigation for the rape of another 16-year-old. "

Has anyone learned anything from the Catholic priests sex abuse scandals?? More importantly will the lessons learned be applied to the society at large?
Focus on dog's owner in attack on boy

From Newsday, this story involved grandparents walking their 4 year old grandson and all were attacked by 3 vicious dogs. The 4 year old is in intensive care, and the grandfather is also in the hospital because of chest pains brought on by the attack. The dog owner has for some reason not been arrested yet, although his dog was to be kept inside or locked in a kennell after previous violent activity. Hopefully, the dog owner (Edward Kelly) will be arrested, the dogs will be put to sleep and the victims will recover quickly enough to sue this guy out of the neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"On their inaugural show on WFNY/92.3 (Free FM) yesterday, Opie and Anthony struck a restrained note, minding their language and making nice with a Catholic advocate who played a role in keeping them off the New York airwaves for the past four years."

I heard the interview this morning on my way to work. They really were nice to Donohue who got lots of talk time on the show. He had no problem with the duo returning to "regular" radio and even slammed Howard Stern on his old station, from Stern's old studio. They credited Bill Donohue with making it real easy for O & A to come back and seemed genuinely appreciative.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Long Island Voice of the Faithful had their annual convention yesterday. Speakers included a former priest, Eugene Kennedy.

"The world of hierarchy has come to an end," said Kennedy, a professor emeritus at Loyola University of Chicago."

It is sad the group can get together 500 people to hear nonsense like this. There are so many good speakers who can truly talk about Church reform.
This was news to me:

"The latest casualty comes with the announcement that WLIE/540 AM, a station carrying business talk programs, has been sold to a Catholic broadcasting company for $14 million."

WLIE is a local radio station, the call letters refers to the Long Island Expressway. If this is going to become a Catholic station they might want to consider changing the call letters.

UPDATE: In doing a search, I just found out it was relevant radio that bought the station!! This is great. I listen to Relevant Radio when I am visiting family in Pittsburgh and would love to be able to hear it on Long Island. There is a dispute over the sale but hopefully Long Island will have a good Catholic radio station soon.

Relevant Radio