Saturday, October 02, 2010

RIP - Fr. Francis Keenan, S.M.

"Father Francis Keenan died of a brain hemorrhage Sept. 20. The Marianist priest, who had taught at Kellenberg High School since 1987, had a special place in his heart for the comic strip character "Ziggy," a nationally syndicated cartoon by Tom Wilson."

The above quote is from a News12 report on the students at Kellenberg High School who got Tom Wilson to send a Ziggy sketch in memory of the beloved priest. Before he went to Kellenberg, Fr. Keenan was at Chaminade for many years and was my Senior Religion teacher. After he moved to Kellenberg I enjoyed seeing him explain to people in a homily how he had to adjust to female students after all those years of teaching only boys. When a female student went to his office distraught over a bad grade she started to cry, and Fr. said he just sat there really scared, not having any idea what to do. Of course, he soothed her mind as he often did with all students. Students also created a Facebook appreciation page and there are some really nice comments about him. The official Marianist obit is here. He was a gentle soul and good Christian priest.