Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nassau County Police Corruption, Again

Newsday and News12 are reporting on a major lawsuit filed due to yet more corrupt Nassau County Police officers.   What should happen, but probably will not is that officer  Anthony DiLeonardo should lose his extremely high paying job (over 100K of course) and be charged with attempted murder and all other appropriate charges.  Nothing has changed much in the Nassau County Police force since the days of officer Greco, the first Nassau County police officer to be charged with brutality.  We Long Islanders have to pay extemely high taxes due to the very overpaid police and school employees and then have to pay even more due to lawsuits filed by innocent civilians victimized by these same rich people.

From the News12 report:

"A Nassau County police officer unlawfully shot and attacked an unarmed man after a night of barhopping and managed to hang on to his six-figure job, Newsday reports exclusively.

Newsday obtained the Nassau County Police Department's internal report into the affair. The report found that officer Anthony DiLeonardo recklessly escalated a roadside verbal dispute when he shot at a cabdriver, Thomas Moroughan, five times, hitting him once in the arm and once in the chest in 2011.

The cabdriver was arrested for assault and reckless endangerment after DiLeonardo accused him of trying to run him down with his cab. Charges were later dropped when prosecutors said there was evidence the officer had been drinking; the report obtained by Newsday notes that he admitted to investigators that he'd had eight to 10 drinks."

Byzantine Catholic Church, Westbury, NY

St. Andrew the Apostle Byzantine Catholic Church

I recently posted on St. Francis Polish National Catholic Church in East Meadow, which is not in communion with Rome.  Now I would like to point out St. Andrew which is in communion with Rome.  They have Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 9 AM.

From their website:

The first Divine Liturgy in St. Andrew the Apostle Church was celebrated on December 25, 1974. Bishop Michael Dudick established this parish to service the Byzantine Catholics who had moved to the suburbs of Long Island initiating the presence of our Eastern Catholic Church in Nassau County.

St. Andrew’s Church is truly an American Eastern Catholic Church. Our services and songs are conducted in English, the language of this country, while our Theology and Traditions go back to the foundation of the early Christian Church.