Saturday, August 04, 2007

I Heart the 80's

My wife and I went to see The Police last night at Madison Square Garden. The crowd was nice, not always a given when going to a rock concert. All were in the mood to hear the music of their youth, and all enjoyed it very much.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Karen Marie Knapp, RIP

Mark Shea reports Karen died last night. Karen's From the Anchor Hold was one of the first blogs I read when introduced to St. Blog's through Gerard Serafin, RIP. She had occasionally commented on my blog in the early years. Gerard and Karen were certainly major influences in the Catholic blog world, not only as early bloggers, but as constant positive forces in a sometimes cantankerous parish. They were both gentle souls, both not in great health, and both major contributors to the "St. Blog's Parish" spirit. May Karen rest in peace, and may she intercede in heaven for all us bloggers so that we may be worthy of Christ.
Ned Flanders Vs. Mel Gibson?

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf at What Does The Prayer Really Say? posts a memo from the Bishop of Steubenville to priests in his diocese regarding Summorum Pontificum. The memo is sadly fearful and negative towards SP and includes a questionnaire priests who wish to celebrate the Extraordinary form of the Liturgy must fill out. Since Steubenville is home to the Franciscan University of Steubenville, the comments section quickly became home to various stories and comments on that school, until Fr. Z shut the comments down and told all to move along onto other things. The comments bring up a number of interesting things that have much to do with the situation in the Church today.

Basically, Steubenville is a small but growing Catholic college, that was pretty much the center of the "charismatic" movement in the 80's and 90's. The charismatic movement started in 1967 in Pittsburgh which is not far from Steubenville. The president of Steubenville, Fr. Scanlan, embraced the movement and that is widely credited with saving the University and keeping it afloat. Today, FUS is one of the schools considered really "Catholic" by most and therefore a top destination for theology majors and those serious about their faith. (A side discussion for many is whether the campus should become more "great books" oriented or more academically challenging) With the reputation for orthodoxy and strong faith life on campus, orthodox Catholics flock to FUS or send their children there. Now, there is a tension between more tradition minded students and faculty and those who favor the more charismatic aspects of the school. This tension is particularly seen in the discussion on Liturgy, and this same tension also exists in many parishes and dioceses. The split between the charismatic and traditional Catholics is not a bad thing, since each faction can generally co-exist peacefully.

As this article from Feb. 2000 by John Allen in the National Catholic Reporter points out, the tension has existed for years, and it continues as the charismatic influence is dwindling and the traditionalist influence is growing. The article is good although of course written with the standard liberal bias. The interesting thing about this intra-Church tension is that it is between two perfectly acceptable, good, and orthodox groups. Although each group has its cranks and crackpots, they are as a whole faithful Catholics. Quite a change from the previous years of Catholics fighting those within the Church who pushed for the Church to change her teachings.
Ever notice how mafia figures always claim to be too sick to go to jail when they are old? Apparently, molesters pull the same trick. Barry Ryan, a former priest who molested a 5 year old boy in Suffolk County, after the boy's family allowed Ryan to stay at their house while he was suffering from cancer, has moved to Missouri.

Newsday reports:

"That prompted Suffolk County Court Judge Ralph Gazzillo to issue a warrant for the priest's arrest, a move that was praised by the victim's family."

This is August 2nd, 2007.

But notice what this article from 2005 says -

"Gazzillo sentenced Ryan to the negotiated sentence of 2 years.
But Ryan is not expected to see the inside of a prison, said Rosamaria Abbate, the Suffolk prosecutor who handled the case.

His terminal illness may take his life before the date he is supposed to go into custody, which Gazzillo set for July 7, 2005."

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Diogenes on 'lay pastoral ministers' at Off the Record:

"When they were first dreamed up by woozy ecumenists in the years of the Second Vatican Council, lay pastoral ministers were (in Jerry Fodor's phrase) "a cure for which there is no adequate disease." We have the post-Conciliar liberal episcopacy to thank for working unremittingly to introduce the desired illness: they managed to empty the seminaries with a swiftness no persecution could rival. And finally, having presented us with the disease, they gleefully produce the medicine. "

I realize that we have this situation here on Long Island where the liberals ran the Church like the Soviet Union until Bishop McGann died. There are many Catholics (mostly older women) who are waiting breathlessly for their opportunity to take control of parishes where there is no priest available. But, I wonder if orthodox, traditional lay people were able to get their hands on these positions whether the same support would be offered?