Thursday, January 05, 2006

I have been following the story of George Smith, the man who dissappeared on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship on his honeymoon. (My honeymoon will be on a Royal Caribbean cruise.) This past weekend I read a transcript of the entire story from MSNBC's Dateline. Tonight on MSNBC, Rita Cosby (she seems nice and compassionate, but that voice sounds terrible!) had some more info that came out today, such as that Smith's new wife was so drunk she had to be helped to her cabin by two ship employees, and that the men who were hanging out with George Smith were accused of rape by another female passenger. The case is very interesting, and confusing. I hope for the families' sake, the case is solved soon. In reading all about the case, it is still not clear who may have done it, as it seems everyone involved is suspect in some way.

Monday, January 02, 2006


I attended Mass at my local parish on Jan. 1st. The celebrant wore gold vestments and used Canon I. The music was quite good, with a trumpeter making the Christmas hymns more glorious. The Church was nicely decorated with trees, wreaths, and pointsettias, making me more excited about the upcoming renovations.

As of tommorrow, I have exactly 5 months to go until my wedding day. The plans are going well, although we still have to solidify the music selections. Within the next few weeks we will meet with the priest celebrant.

Thanks to Dappled Things, I found this fun romp of a blog: Fireside Chat with the Rector.