Friday, September 08, 2006

Prosecutors: priest raped teen parishioner

Oops, I left out a word in the that headline - "Hindu". Between the Catholic priesthood's problems and the recent arrest of that polygamist and the surrounding media coverage, child molestation really should be wiped out of the clergy. Now, if we can do the same in the teaching profession...

Monday, September 04, 2006


Catholics on Long Island have suffered for 35 years with regard to poor Liturgies. One thing I learned from attending the traditional Latin Mass is that by genuflecting during the Incarnational lines in the Creed, ("by the power of the Holy Spirit he was born of the Virgin Mary and became man") it really emphasizes just how important this belief is to Christians. The Church changed this from genuflecting to bowing with the Missal of Paul VI and I think this was a positive change. While bowing still forces us to do something with our bodies that emphasize this phrase, it is less noisy and distracting. The problem is, most people don't do the bow! All Catholics should start bowing during these lines and tell me if it makes a difference when they are saying this prayer.

n.b. Twice a year, on Christmas and Easter (Correction in comments, Christmas and Annunciation) we genuflect rather than bow. This makes it even more special and appropriate. The problem there is, I have almost never been to a parish where this was done, although one year our pastor told us the Church invites us to genuflect during the part of the Creed, and then he forgot to do it so no one else did.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Telecare, the television network of the Diocese of Rockville Centre is now offered nationally. The programs are available through CIPTV (Internet Protocol TV) and you pay $12.95 a month for a box that connects to your tv and internet connection. I would not recommend paying for Telecare's programming though. They advertise it as Catholic, but most of it is not at all Catholic. It is pretty lame actually, but most importantly nothing like EWTN as far as orthodoxy and evangelism is concerned. This IPTV sounds like a great idea for EWTN however. I am sure Long Islanders will be willing to pay for EWTN since it is not available on Cablevision. EWTN is worth paying for, but Telecare is not.
"With the warmest of personal regards and with every good wish for the Holiday Season"

Taking a page from Diogenes, this polite and politically correct closing is from a letter:

A) From President Bush to supporters in December 2005

B) From a school principal to parents of students in December 1990

C) From a Catholic Bishop to local civic leaders in December 1985

D) From a Catholic Bishop to a Catholic priest in December 1976

If you answered D, then you realize just how bad the Church leadership was even then. This was the closing of a letter sent by Archbishop Cousins of Milwaukee to a priest in California asking him to give a job to a Fr. Widera, who was a molester of boys. I guess the Archbishop couldn't say "Christmas" since the priest might have been offended?