Saturday, February 23, 2008

5 Year Blogiversary

I forgot that January 18th, 2008 was my 5 year blogiversary. As I said last year - "Any moron can have a blog, it takes a special one to keep it going for 5 years!"

Here are my previous Blogiversary posts.
I once expressed mild disappointment on my blog that the days of the large stadium Masses celebrated by a Pope were not over. During John Paul the Great's reign there were ceremonies that raised eyebrows on those of us concerned with the dignity of the Liturgy and Papacy. My post caused an anonymous commenter to say:

"I think you come across a little arrogant and disrespectful in being "holier" than the Pope regarding the sacredness of an outdoor mass."

Well, that anonymous commenter might be interested to learn that the Pope appears to "holier" than the Pope as well -

Benedict XVI on vast, outdoor Masses: “there is a problem”

"How do we reconcile the treasure of the liturgy in all its solemnity and with the sentiment, emotion and excitment of masses of young people called to participate in it?"
Benedict XVI responded immediately that, in effect, there is a problem: "Liturgy in which masses of people participate", he said, "is a big problem."

The American Papist explains better than I can regarding why many of us, including Pope Benedict XVI, may have no problem with large outdoor Masses in some cases, but want to ensure that they are dignified and maintain the proper Liturgical atmosphere. I am glad to see the Pope and Marini II are doing what they can to restore reverence in Papal Liturgies.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Voice of the Faithful Long Island continue to live in their own world:

This is a Most Important Year in the Life of LIVOTF!

Changes are already here…
Our Catholic world is changing before our eyes…
The Pope is coming to the United States…
Nothing will be the same…
We must prepare ourselves for what is coming…
We must be ready to take charge!!!
Fr. Mason, pastor for 31 years at Our Lady of Lourdes in Massapequa Park, is retiring. There are Catholics outside its boundaries who go to OLL as well as Catholics within its borders who go elsewhere. I know good Catholics on both sides of this divide and do not know much of the details about what went on at this parish, but I know years ago there was quite a divided battle there. Hopefully, the new pastor will be able to bring all sides together somehow.

UPDATE: In reading the bulletin, OLL is having the Legionaries of Christ give a Lenten evening of reconciliation this year. I have seen a couple of events by the Legionaries of Christ recently in DRVC. This is new because this growing religious community was (I believe) banned under Bishop McGann. I have long thought it would be great to have the LOC take over a parish here on Long Island. They would no doubt gain seminarians for their order, as well as inspire men to the priesthood for the Diocese. They are headquartered in CT. just a couple of hours away, and have a huge place in Westchester, even closer. Perhaps OLL can become a LOC parish? This would be great for the Legion as well as the Diocese.
This is the time of year when those who attend Sunday Mass faithfully each week get bombarded with appeals for money for the Diocese of Rockville Centre. While the various budget lines of the DRVC include some important things, I don't understand why the importance of the fund raising campaign has to be emphasized every year. At every Mass. By every priest. Since the people who bother to show up for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass each week hear this appeal every year I really do not see how running down the list of things the Diocese does will help bring in more money. Here is what I would say if I were a priest at one Mass per year:

"The Diocese is having its annual appeal for funds to run its various programs. Please give if you can, as the Diocese needs money to run the Tribunal, Seminary, and other Church necessities. See the bulletin for details. Whether you give or not will not affect your eternal salvation one bit, however, and since I was ordained to the Holy Priesthood to care for immortal souls, I will not spend any more time on this. Thank you"

This would be followed by thunderous applause, which I would discourage of course, and then approximiately 5 minutes after Mass I would be sent off to some mission in Alaska or something.