Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Andrew Cusack on hip-hop types:

"Shouting to a beat and moving their arms in bodies in bizarre fashions reminiscent of the denizens of hell. Yes, that sounds more like it. Anyway, they look like a bunch of damn fools. Someone should tell them to cease and desist. "
THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2005, 7:30PM

The Great Debate 2005

A Roman Catholic vs. Protestant Debate
on the Catholic Catechism, Paragraphs 841 & 1260

Bill Rutland Vs. James White

Monday, May 30, 2005


I saw Star Wars - Revenge of The Sith last night. It was ok. I was never that into Star Wars but it was cool to see how everything fell into place for the first movie - which was released when I was 7. I thought the corruption of Anakin could have been done a little better, since this is really the major focus of the movie.

I am really behind in adding blogs to the Catholic Blog Directory. Please be patient if you have asked me to add your blog.

Our parish had a Eucharistic Procession yesterday, just around the inside of the Church. The Eucharist was exposed until 3 pm when there was Benediction. This was the first Corpus Christi procession I have ever seen. The priest and altar servers processed although I originally thought everyone would process around the Church. Still, it is a start to recovering our traditions and culture as Catholics.

Our Diocese will only ordain 1 man to the priesthood in June. The good news is that the number of seminarians is way up, meaning that 4-5 years from now the ordinations will include a better number of men. Hopefully this trend will continue.
Now that Fr. Sibley has shut down A Saintly Salmagundi, where are we going to go to see crazy internet stuff? A Long Island student has found something: a video of Germans disco dancing in praise of Moscow. This video is a classic - The leader is dressed like Santa and check out the guy in blue - he looks like Dr. Evil!

Warning: Germans disco dancing!