Saturday, January 08, 2005


I don't know about this story- I understand the priest thought he was trying to help someone but to give money several times to someone you never see in person seems crazy. And why help a stranger over the phone with an Irish name when you have a parish that is mostly low income Latino? Surely there are those in the parish that have needs? This story is a good example of the need for prudence.
Did everyone buy a copy of Young and Catholic The Face of Tomorrow's Church by Tim Drake? Mine just arrived today and a certain revert is quoted at the beginning of the chapter The Faith Online. Not a great quote, but the chapter discusses St. Blog's Parish.
"A year after Janet Jackson's breast brought a crackdown on indecency, Fox has rejected an ad for the Super Bowl offering a rare view of another celeb: Mickey Rooney's backside."

Not that I think we need to see 84 year old Mickey Rooney's butt, however, perhaps things have gotten a little too puritan these days.
With LI man's help, Vatican to loan ancient texts to Israel

"Because of efforts from a Long Island Jewish man, the Vatican will loan the work of one of Judaism's most celebrated rabbis and sages to Israel this year in a gesture meant to improve relations between Catholics and Jews.

Jewish community leaders said they are ecstatic to have the opportunity to study the work of Moses Maimonides, and at least three other medieval manuscripts."

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Kids of Gay Parents Shouldn't Suffer

"There are two issues here—one is a matter of principal and the other is a matter of prudence. There is a moral principle, expressed in Judeo-Christian thought, that the innocent should not be punished for the transgressions of the guilty. To be more specific, the prophet Ezekiel taught that it was wrong for children to suffer for the sins of their father. Applied in this instance, we can amend that to ‘fathers.’

“On a prudential level, it makes no sense to single out kids for retribution whose parents are gay. What should be done about kids who were born out-of-wedlock? What about those kids who have a father or a mother who is the town philanderer? Should we expel kids whose parents are cohabiting? Or are known adulterers?"

Good job by the Catholic League on this one, and Greg Popcak at Heart, Mind & Strength adds: "Incidentally, this example highlights perfectly the difference between conservative Catholics (the parishioners) , and orthodox Catholics (the pastor and Bill Donohue)."

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Ayuda, por favor

The Mass that I have attended for the past two Sundays (Novus Ordo mostly in latin) is in a chapel that has missalettes with Spanish and English readings. (The chapel also has Adoremus Hymnals) In scanning the misselette I noticed the phrase "en aquel tiempo" comes up frequently in the readings for several Sundays. I know this is some kind of an idiom and that it means something like "at the time" but can anyone tell me why it is in so many of the readings? How come the phrase is not in the english or am I totally misreading the spanish?
The Long Island Press continues to point out Newsday's arrogance in this cover story.
Pope Frontrunner?

That is one of the headlines on the Drudge Report and it is right underneath a picture of Cardinal Ratzinger. The link is to a silly Time magazine article written by someone who does not have a clue but still manages to spit out the ol' standbys:

  • "Arch-Conservative" Ratzinger is behind the Pope's "traditionalist moral policy"

  • Ratzinger's ways have been "tempered" lately clearing the way for him to become Pope.

  • And of course, "panzerkardinal"

The best part was this anonymous quote : "The Ratzinger solution is definitely on," said a well-placed Vatican insider." Who in the Vatican speaks like that??