Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Voice of the Faithful Long Island

For all the people who attended the VOTF meeting in Huntington

1) I am glad to see so many of you love the Church enough to want to act in the midst of incredible evil and corruption.

2) Please understand that the problems in this diocese stem directly from the reign of Bishop McGann, who for 20 years favored those who dissent from Church teachings. For example, he invited Richard McBrien to speak to all the priests in the diocese just as the VOTF leaders invited McBrien to speak to all of you. Consequently, watch very carefully those involved in the VOTF as some of them may be the same people who supported McGann and the Diocese for the past 20 years.

3) Understand also that there were brave souls who spoke out against the problems in the Diocese and were ignored or silenced. For example, Dr. Thomas Drolesky, a former writer for The Wanderer, now a “traditional Catholic”, complained about Msgr. Bud Ribaudo years ago. Also, those who found Fr. Papa in Southold to be surfing porn, with a couple of child porn site cookies on the Rectory computer, did the right thing by going to the police. There is no logical reason for VOTF to be supporting this priest at all.

4) Learn the difference between orthodox Catholicism and the false Catholicism espoused by many priests, nuns, and lay people over the past 30 years. Discover Ignatius Press, EWTN, Tan Books, Steubenville, Crisis Magazine, Latin Mass Magazine, National Catholic Register, Envoy, and other good apostolates.

5) Realize that not all religious communities are created equal—discover orthodox communities such as the Missionaries of Charity, Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Renewal, Marianists of the Meribah Province, Legionaries of Christ, Dominicans of Nashville , Benedictines in Huntington, and FSSP.

6) Realize that we young people are not attracted to groups that want to “change the Church”, we like the Church the way it is, especially the way it was before the mess of the 60’s and 70’s.

7) Understand that there are some good apostolates here on Long Island that already do some of the things you want to see- Lay Preachers, Americans United for the Pope, Fatima Holy Hour, Faith and Reason Catholic library and bookstore in Massapequa, Mariamonte in Huntington, Catholic Shopper in Nesconset, Faith on Tap, Center for Catholic Studies at Nassau Community College, etc..

8) Understand that Bishop Murphy, although not perfect, is still a giant improvement over past leadership.

9) Promote authentically Catholic schools such as Franciscan University of Steubenville, Christendom, Thomas Aquinas, Ave Maria, Magdalen, etc.. Forget the schools of your youth (such as Georgetown, Notre Dame, or the local Catholic colleges) as difficult as it might be, they are no longer worthy of being called Catholic.

10) Help return Catholicism to the Church by advocating the return of some Latin to the Mass, statues of saints to the Churches, Liturgical correctness by priests, and traditional devotions. Many of the same priests who molested teens are the same people who fought to remove any sign of traditional Catholicism from the Church. This should tell you something.

11) If leadership is your concern, make sure that those you follow are in agreement with Church teachings and practice. Ignore any priests who try to celebrate Mass as if it were a private show with him as the host, ignore anybody who advocates changes in Church teachings, ignore anyone who talks about Reiki, massage, or the enneagram.

12) Understand that there are groups out there that have been fighting corruption in the Church long before VOTF came along, such as Roman Catholic Faithful, Diocese Report, and Catholics United for the Faith. Support these groups if you really want to rid the Church of corruption.

13) Ask your leaders why they do not respond to questions via email from young people who do not agree with their choice of speakers.

14) If you want to support “priests of integrity” might I suggest you become familiar with Frs. Driscoll, Hewes, Graham, Pereda, Fasano, Arcoleo, Batule, Mason, Eichner, Fink, and Scarmozzino. These are all local priests who are known for their orthodoxy. (I am sure there are others)

15) Read this blog if you want to know what is really going on in the Diocese of Rockville Centre :)

16) God Bless you!

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