Saturday, July 17, 2004

Scandal Time
1)  Roman Catholic Faithful strikes again - a priest they exposed has finally been removed from his parish.  (Link via Open Book)  Once again RCF has done a great service to the Church and once again, they have had to fight against bishops and parishioners in order to accomplish this service. 
2)  The Catholic Church's Abu Ghraib   (Warning:  graphic and disgusting pictures that would make Howard Stern puke) - Michael S. Rose has once again been proven right - seminaries do have a serious problem with corruption.
3)  Investigators charge father flimflam spent money on luxuries
4)  Charges vs. priest grow  - a priest in Scranton accused of sleeping with a teenage boy, again from Open Book.
The priesthood needs to be completely gutted to make sure to get rid of these corrupt, evil men.  The Bishops such as John Steinbock, Kurt Krenn, and Reggie Cawcutt should be the first to go.  It is not enough to throw these men out of the priesthood, they need to be completely removed from any financial support from any diocese.  Let them avail themselves of the Church's many soup kitchens and thrift shops and halfway houses and live out the rest of their lives in true poverty.  Mercy can be shown but so can tough love! 

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