Saturday, August 21, 2004

Since I am in a Long Island state of mind - I searched for other blogs from Long Islanders:

Lenndevours (I eat. I drink. You read.) This blog focuses on food and wine, two of my favorite things. Long Island has some great wineries "out east", many of which offer tours and tastings. (If you want a good fruity wine for the summer try Pindar's Summer Blush)

Don't bother me with trifles - great name, apparently a Long Island mother.

The Same Boy You've Always Known - heavy on music.

That is about it - I don't blogroll local bloggers because Gen X Revert is really about Catholic stuff but occasionally I like to read and post about Long Island. If there are any other Long Island bloggers out there, let me know.

Update: I just found Long Island Scene which is not a blog but a resource center for Long Island stuff.

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