Sunday, September 26, 2004

The following letter to the editor appeared in today's Newsday (the anti-Catholic, circulation-inflating, dishonest newspaper). It was a response to yet another silly article by Dick Ryan, a dissenting Catholic wannabe:

"Dick Ryan ["LI Catholics hold the key to reforming the church," Opinion, Sept. 14] has entered the world of frenzied fantasy with his latest attack on Bishop William F. Murphy of the Diocese of Rockville Centre and other church leaders. Ryan thinks the bishop should sit down with a group - Voice of the Faithful - whose specific objectives include ousting the bishop and strangling the diocese and the parishes with it by denying financial support. That's like asking President George W. Bush to invite the Taliban into the White House.

Like all other Catholic associations, Voice of the Faithful has a right to exist and to express its views. But the notion that this group speaks for a large number of Catholics on Long Island is fanciful. If these people really want to talk to the bishop, they should put away their cudgels and acknowledge that their demand that the bishop resign and their call to parishioners to suspend all contributions to the diocese were mistaken. Acts of war do not generate an attitude of trust." [emphasis mine]

Msgr. Daniel S. Hamilton

Editor's note: The writer is pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Lindenhurst

Tell us how you really feel Msgr! I am proud to say I served Mass as an altar boy for Msgr. Hamilton when he was living at our parish and working as the editor of The Long Island Catholic. Sometimes he would say a private Mass right after the 8 am Mass before he would go to work. We called him Superman because his face, jet black hair and black glasses made him a dead ringer for Clark Kent. Although he now has white hair he is still a super man, and frequently writes letters to Newsday and The Long Island Catholic. Msgr. Hamilton is one of the few great priests of this Diocese and should serve as a role model to the Young Fogeys here.

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