Friday, September 03, 2004

Report: More than 200 dead after troops storm school

Once again the religion of peace is treated differently by the press. Most stories about these fundamentalist muslims killing children either do not mention they are fundamentalist muslims or downplay it. The above link to the CNN report mentions the word muslim only once - "rebels have been fighting Russia and demanding independence for the Muslim-majority republic." The violent and inhumane people who would not even allow food or drink for the children are never described as muslims, they are described as "hostage-takers", "armed militants", "rebels", "terrorists", and "suicide bombers". Perhaps these terms are more accurate than "devout muslims" but if these horrible, evil people had been Catholic or Christian then you can be sure there would be mention of the Pope, Jerry Falwell, and the words "fundamentalist Christian" about a dozen times. There is only a hint of the connection to the 1500 years of violent muslim behavior in this section:

"Valery Andreyev, head of the local branch of the FSB intelligence service, said 10 of the dead hostage-takers were from Arab countries, after Russian troops stormed the school earlier Friday."

Many the souls of the children and adults killed because of these islamicist monsters rest in peace.

UPDATE: the number of dead is now up to 322

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