Monday, November 15, 2004

November 15th, 2000

My Dad died exactly 4 years ago today. He was a typical man of the greatest generation: quiet, unassuming although he did amazing things in his lifetime, family-oriented, good, masculine, decent, loving, selfless, and kind. He worked for a bank for 35 years, collected stamps, read more history books than most people, and absolutely lived for his family. He was simply the most decent man I have ever known and sometimes it feels like the world went to hell after he died. He faced evil in the world without ever becoming mean, nasty or angry and I wish I could learn how he did that. His whole life was his family and I could never be as selfless as he was. The eight months he had cancer were some of the most grace-filled times of my life. He died with as much class as he lived. I hope before I die I can be half as good a man as he was. Rest in Peace, I love you.

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