Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"This is Jimmy Breslin's last regular column for Newsday. He will write from time to time. "

Good riddance. Any talent this old drunk may have had did not last past the Carter administration. He was recently chastised by his editor for lying about what a minister said and his columns are some of the most bigoted I have ever read. It is too bad that he will still write from time to time (perhaps when he sobers up?) as I would have preferred never to have to see his angry, tired writing again. He hated Long Island and usually only wrote about NYC so there was no reason for Newsday to carry his column. I know Asian people will rejoice since Breslin was so racist he once called an Asian reporter a "yellow slant-eyed c---". Shame on Newsday for ever hiring this Archie Bunker type loser. Now he can spend the remaining years he has on this planet being angry at the Catholic Church, which he seems to blames for the death of his first wife and his daughter. I hope he gets whatever hatred he has out of him before he dies, but I also hope that it doesn't take too long.

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