Monday, November 08, 2004

Why Dilbert is so true

Things I have heard from people in the workplace:

“The Catholic Church gave an award to John Gotti”

“I think the Pope molested children”

“Look at how many witches were burned at the stake in Massachusetts by the Catholic Church”

“The organist probably got a kick-back from the Church”

“The priest actually DROVE A CAR” (person was astonished that priests could own cars)

“I do clergical work” -she meant clerical work

“President Clinton was not impeached”

“I only care about myself”

“Black people were told to overpopulate the world by their ministers”

“Republicans are evil”

“Hispanic people beat their wives”

“You don’t need to be married to have children”

“The guy on the other team was scoring all kind of points, so when everyone lined up at the end of the game to shake hands, I punched the guy in the face”

“Irregardless” - he meant to say “regardless”

“Immigrants and blacks get all the good jobs and scholarships” - spoken by someone from Levittown- a town that originally did not allow African-Americans to buy houses and still is mostly white.

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