Thursday, March 24, 2005

I started this blog because I wanted to share my experiences and thoughts on being a "revert" to the Catholic Church. I had pretty good experiences growing up Catholic and wanted to make that known, since so many people seem to have a problem with Catholicism and/or the Church. I never thought this little corner of the internet would see me rolling in freebies. Well, actually there have only been two, but it was nice to be noticed. The first was an invitation to a free screening of the movie Millions by Fox Searchlight. The film features a young Catholic school boy who finds money and wants to spend it by helping people. During the film he has conversations with various saints. Here is the review at Decent Films. The film is by Danny Boyle who did Trainspotting and it looks good. The opportunity to view a film before it opens, a film that has Catholic things running through it, in Manhattan, for free was too good to ignore. The weather was not cooperative however and I didn't get to attend. I would like to see this film though and perhaps I will see it within the next week.

The other thing I received was a copy of Swimming with Scapulars: True Confessions of a Young Catholic by Matthew Lickona. It is a memoir by a tradition-minded Catholic. He works as a wine reviewer, has four children and attended Thomas Aquinas College. The book is good and I think many young Catholics would recognize themselves in the book. There are a few surprises, including an encounter with a pervert priest that did not manage to shake Lickona's faith. Check out the author's website which (surprise!) includes a blog.

Nice to see a couple of things in this culture that present Catholicism in a positive light. Now I am thinking of starting a blog about wine or food to see if I get any freebies....

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