Sunday, June 26, 2005

I watched most of the Mass in Phoenix today to welcome the Poor Clares from Mother Angelica's community. It was not the type of Mass you normally see on EWTN, and in fact was produced by the Diocese of Phoenix. There was no latin in the Mass, and altar girls were used, which was not exactly "pastoral" considering Mother A's strong feelings against altar girls. The homily by Bishop Olmstead was uninspiring, and the music, which included plenty of string instruments and good voices, was typical of today's dreck. You can tell the Diocese tried to do their best, but it was jarring to see the Mass on EWTN. The Church it was held in did not seem to have a tabernacle, a crucifix, or much artwork in the sanctuary. During communion, some men, I think some of the brothers, chanted the Salve Regina, which made an interesting contrast. I felt uneasy watching the sisters, who for years have experienced the beauty of the monastery in Alabama, praying at this Mass. I felt for them, as if they were pioneers in unchartered territory. This is a Diocese after all, where the former Bishop is in jail for killing a man, and later lying about his actions. With the return of the traditional Latin mass, and the welcoming of the Poor Clares, this Diocese is hopefully on its way to a revival. Hopefully, the Mass celebrating the Desert Nuns' 10th anniversary in Arizona will be truly inspirational.

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