Monday, August 29, 2005

Goodbye to Quodibeta -

"Due to a new seminary policy, I will no longer be able to maintain the blog."

Same goes to Cor ad Cor Loquens. I don't know the reason behind the seminary prohibiting seminarians from writing for publications, including blogs, but I suppose it may be a sensible policy. I do like to read blogging seminarians though so here is a current list from The Catholic Blog Directory:

Holy Marshmallow Mattys, Matty Molnar, Illinois
Humanae Vitae, Grant, Louisiana
Life of a College Seminarian, Anthony Urban, Minnesota
Matthew 12:37, Jeff Geerling, Missouri
Proud Member of the JPII Generation, Cory Sticha, Montana (on hiatus)
the road to emmaus, Christopher Decker, Louisiana
Thessaloniciens 1:1, Silvain, Canada
Veritatis Visio, Joey G., Pennsylvania
vita mea, Dennis, Indiana
You Duped Me Lord, Mark Massa, Massachusetts

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