Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Once again, props go to The National Catholic Register for its intelligent and informative content. This is the best national Catholic paper by far. First, Tim Drake's writing on World Youth Day, available on Young and Catholic, is printed in the paper making it available to many who don't regularly read blogs. Second, an article on Nick Cannon's video about his mother reconsidering abortion brings that powerful story to people who don't regularly watch MTV or follow the Rap/Hip Hop scene. Third, the paper printed an article on Hiroshima that provoked some angry and disturbed responses from readers. The current editorial points out the condemnations of the dropping of the atomic bombs from such orthodox Catholics as Fulton Sheen, JP II and Paul VI. Writings that condemn American action as immoral and unacceptable would be expected from liberal rags such as Commonweal and NCReporter. The National Catholic Register spells out some hard truths that don't sit easy with many of the paper's readers and since it is fully orthodox and somewhat conservative, writings that condemn American action cut more deeply. The paper has always had the best columnists and editorials around and I am glad to see the NCR is continuing its mission of teaching the faith, even when it upsets those who support the paper.

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