Friday, September 30, 2005

A Catholic school here on Long Island will not be having a senior prom this year -

"School administrators, reacting to what they called a "sick" prom culture that was out of control, announced in a letter this month to parents that senior prom was canceled.

"Basically, it has become an event in American culture that has all the trappings of excess," said school principal Brother Kenneth Hoagland. "It is not consistent with our philosophy as a Catholic school."

Last year, the school appealed to parents and stopped 46 Kellenberg seniors from spending $20,000 to rent a house for a post-prom weekend in the Hamptons"

"Hoagland said they have invited students to come up with alternate ideas for a school-sponsored event that are consistent with the goals of a Christian education."

--(Brother Hoagland was my 9th grade religion teacher at a different high school.) I hope the school can come up with a different end of the year event and perhaps start a trend. Proms have become ridiculous affairs here on Long Island and maybe this is a good first step to changing things for the better. The school, Kellenberg, has links to the text of two prom letters on their homepage.

Go read the letters the school sent out as they contain a good amount of detail (Adobe required). The September letter is a must read!!

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