Thursday, September 22, 2005

Just as I did with Louisiana bloggers in St. Blog's, I compiled this list of Texas blogs:

A Glass of Chianti, Sarah
Dressing with Dignity , Colleen Hammond
Fiat Lux!, Flambeaux
Happy Catholic , Julie D.
I Am the Lizard Queen, The LQ
Minivan Mom, Epiphany
Nosce Te Ipsvm, Tracy Fennell
Scattershot Direct M. Lynn Booker
Shades of Gray (Umbrae Canarum), Phil
ShadowMage's Domain, Hugo
So Let It Be Written…, Darren Cary
Summa Mommas - Micki, Terry
Texas Catholic Blog, Texas Catholic online
Ticonderoga Sailor , Jonathan Carpenter
Tischreden , Bill Cork

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