Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tommorrow's Hope Foundation

Bishop Murphy and Sr. Joanne Callahan started this foundation to support the Catholic elementary schools of the Diocese. Parishes will have a second collection on one Sunday a year and half the money will go to the Foundation and half will go to the parish or regional school. This is a good idea but one that is about 20 years late. Having bake sales and car washes to raise money does not cut it anymore when you are talking multi-million dollar budgets. I am a supporter of Catholic schools, but only when they actually teach the faith and when they are viable. Tommorrow's Hope will give out scholarships to students based on need, which is important since Catholic schools are no longer affordable for most. Since Long Island generally has good schools, the Catholic schools have to be very good to survive. I am sure many Catholics would love to send their kids to Catholic school but can't afford it. This Foundation should help.

The figures: 58 Catholic elementary schools

22,000+ students

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