Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How did this happen? I have been on mailing lists for years due to my subscribing to Catholic magazines, or supporting certain groups, but recently I received junk mail that was totally different. I received a fund raising letter from Voice of the Faithful in Massachusetts! A week later I received a survey from FutureChurch. (LOL) I must really be getting old to get this type of junk mail. Anyway, I am sending back the VOTF form with this response:

"I only support traditional Catholic organizations. The Long Island chapter of VOTF supported the pervert Fr. Papa who was caught with child porn cookies on his computer. Why should I support you when you stand with priests like that? I will support Roman Catholic Faithful, Stephen Brady's group, which has had great success in fighting perverts in the Church. VOTF will never be for Gen-Xers, sorry."

The FutureChurch thing is an entire survey with plenty of room for comments. The survey indicates that FutureChurch has suggested or is using a strategy of "Encouraging women not to attend Church on a given Sunday". Why do these people bother? If you throw out the whole "Lead us not into temptation" thing, what is the point?

VOTF is a sad collection of mostly older and very sincere Catholics with their hearts in the right place, but FutureChurch is just a joke. Both are led by people who are leading them away from Catholicism.

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