Thursday, October 05, 2006

2 days, 3 teacher sex scandals on Long Island

Oct. 5th - another teacher caught with child porn, a special ed teacher named Jeffrey Burke.(News12 Long Island link)...

Oct. 4th - the story was about Michael Kelly Reiner, a teacher at a school for the gifted. (Newsday link) Police found:

"569 still images of child pornography and 68 videos on three of Reiner's nine computers that they have analyzed so far. They also found 2,000 stories on the computers that relate to sexually abusing, torturing and eating children."

The Newsday article quotes parents who are backing Reiner, saying he never committed any acts against their children!

Oct. 4th - Long Island teacher says Mom OK'd sex with her daughter

Meanwhile, child porn charges against former teacher John Mark Karr were dropped today. (Cnn link) This is a good time to point out that Carol Shakeshaft, a professor at Hofstra University here on Long Island has long been calling the situation involving teachers much worse than the sex scandals in the Catholic priesthood. It is time for a nationwide audit, like the one done in the Church, covering the past 50 years of all public schools.

Meanwhile, some good news: it looks like the John Mark Karr case has brought some badly needed pressure on the child sex trade. Cambodia is supposedly cracking down on foreigners who go there to have sex with children. ( link - don't click this article if you have a weak stomach) I really believe the exposure of the Catholic priesthood's pedophile problem could have been the start of a worldwide awakening to this problem. We can all hope.

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