Monday, October 16, 2006

I watched the 60 Minutes piece last night on the Duke lacrosse players accused of raping a stripper. The piece made it hard to believe they were guilty, and it sounded like the stipper was making the story up. One of the players is quoted in Newsday:

"I was naive, I was young, I was sheltered," he said. "And I made a terrible judgment. In five months, I've learned more than I did in 22 years about life."

Basically those life lessons should be: 1) don't ever host or attend a party with strippers. 2) If you are a rich, white guy in a college or university, understand that there will be many people who will hate you for that. All college educated people should be very careful in dealing with people, and realize a degree will automatically make you hated by many people. 3) Don't ever get into altercations in bars, as two of the accused did in the past. 4) If you are on a sports team, understand that sometimes the "group" will act with a group mentality, and avoid this at all costs. 5) Don't ever underestimate the shallowness of politicans, including DAs.

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