Monday, November 27, 2006

Commuter discovers dead newborn on Hicksville train platform

From News12 Long Island

"Police report the umbilical cord was still attached and there was no obvious cause of death. They say an autopsy will commence shortly to determine if the boy was stillborn or killed after birth. "

There is no reason for this to ever occur. Years ago, a local gentlemen named Tim Jaccard, who is an EMT, founded the AMT Children of Hope Foundation to put an end to this tragic stuff. Like many EMTs he grew weary of finding dead newborns and started the Foundation to pay for funerals of newborns the Nassau Police found. He soon shifted the focus to trying to prevent the need for funerals at all. Due to this work, "New York was the first state to enact a "Safe Haven" law with allows a birth mother to relinquish custody in a safe manner, and not be criminally liable for abandonment. Although most states have their version of this law, the idea of giving up your unwanted baby instead of causing it's death gives those in desperation another option."

Tim is a Knight of Columbus from the Council I used to belong to and has done a great job with this Foundation, please spread the word about the AMT Children of Hope and if your state does not have a Safe Haven Law, get started on getting a law passed.

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